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Vehicle Maintenance

You don’t always need to be a professional to keep a car well maintained. 

Just follow the simple instructions in these videos and you’ll soon be taking care of your Ford like an expert.

How to open & close your bonnet correctly

There’s an art to opening and closing a bonnet the right way. And by the end of this short video, you’ll have learnt it.

How to check & top up your oil level

Checking your car’s oil level and topping it up. When you’ve watched this video, you’ll be able to do it standing on your head.

How to check and refill your washer fluid

Whatever drops, flops or plops onto your windscreen, you need washer fluid to clear it. Learn how to check you’ve always got enough.

How to change your front headlights

Q: How many Ford drivers does it take to change a lightbulb? A: One. And that’s you. Learn how to change a front light bulb like a professional.

How to change your rear lights

Need to change a bulb in your brake light, reversing light or indicator light? Follow this short video tutorial and you’ll soon know how.

How to check your lights

It’s easy to check the front and rear lights on your Ford… when you know how. Watch the video and you’ll soon be an expert light checker.

How to change your wiper blades

In just a few minutes, you could become a replacement-wiper-blades-fitting-wizard. Learn how in this short video.

How to clean alloy wheels

You only need two things to keep your alloy wheels clean: the right cleaning products and a little bit of elbow grease. Discover how best to use them both.

How to check your tyre tread

Learn how to become an expert tyre tread checker with our handy video guide.

How to change your tyre pressure

Not quite sure how to inflate your tyres to the correct pressures? Watch this short video and, within minutes, you’ll know how to do it the proper way.

How to check your tyre pressure

Checking your tyre pressures is easy. And that’s good news, because it’s also really important. Learn how to do it now and it’ll soon become second nature.

How to use your Ford Tyre Inflation Kit

If you’ve got a puncture, your tyre will need some first aid. That’s where your Ford Tyre Inflation Kit can come to the rescue. Learn how to use it.

How to save fuel

When you save fuel, you save money. So for some top, fuel saving tips, take a look at this short video.