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How to add a Dealer in your FordPass app

Your FordPass app comes with lots of useful features. And adding a Dealer is just one of them. Here’s how to do it.

How to find a dealer

The FordPass app can help you get the most from your local Dealership, by finding them and showing their contact details along with other useful information. You can then set them as your preferred Dealer for the future.

  • Start by selecting 'View Vehicle Details', then tap 'Find a Dealer'.
  • You can manually type an address, find a specific Dealer by name, or use your phone's current location.
  • Map pins show all the nearby Dealers, so just tap one to select it.
  • Now you can view contact details, opening hours and more.
  • To set your preferred Dealer, simply tap 'Set preferred', select your car and tap 'Save'.

That’s how easy it is to add a Dealer in your FordPass app.

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