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How to Add Your VIN Number

Adding your car’s Vehicle Identification Number to your FordPass app unlocks a range of useful features. Here’s how to do it.

Add Your VIN Number

With the FordPass smartphone app, you can access powerful new SYNC 3 features. For example, ‘Destinations,’ which enables you to program your navigation system from the comfort of your home. The app will update your navigation with the latest traffic information, too. Plus, you can search for available parking spaces, check their costs, opening hours and ratings, and even search for refuelling points and compare pricing.

By adding your VIN, you can also check warranty information, book a service and access any potential Vehicle Health Alerts

  • When you first open the FordPass app you'll be prompted to enter your vehicle’s unique 17-digit VIN: the number instantly identifies your vehicle. You can see how to add your VIN in this video.
  • Finding the VIN is easy. Just check the driver side doorframe, or the where the dashboard meets the windscreen on the driver’s side.
  • TOP TIP: You'll find the VIN in your vehicle handover documents, too.
  • When you enter your VIN, make sure you don't put a letter 'O' in place of a zero. And check you've typed in all 17 digits.
  • Now tap 'Next'.
  • You can give your car a name, you can see its picture, and view 'Vehicle Details'.

That's how easy it is to enter a VIN in your FordPass app.

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