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Technologies & Features

Ford vehicles come with lots of useful, practical features, all there for your comfort and convenience. In these videos, you’ll discover how to make the best of them.

How to change the sensitivity of your rain-sensing wipers

Whether you’re driving in a light shower or heavy rain, you can adjust the speed of your wipers to suit the conditions. Find out how to do it.

How to locate your towing eye

If you need to know how to find your towing eye and locate your recovery hook, look no further than this short video.

How to stop car windows steaming up

If you want to remove condensation on the inside of your windows, watch this short video. In just a few minutes, everything will become perfectly clear.

How to adjust your driving position & steering wheel

Tall? Short? Medium sized? Find out how to adjust your driver’s seat and steering wheel so they’re perfectly suited to you.

How to deactivate your front passenger airbag

Baby on board? Carrying them in a rear facing child seat? Then learn how to turn off your front passenger airbag to help keep them safe.

How to use your Ford child locks

Want to stop your kids opening a rear door? After watching this short video, you’ll see why locking it is child’s play.

How to maximise space in your 5-seat C-MAX

With C-MAX, you don’t have to be an origami expert to fold the seats. Or a champion weightlifter to remove them. In this video, you’ll see why.