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How to activate your FordPass Connect modem

If your Ford has a built-in modem, you can really connect with your car. It’s easy to activate, so watch the video to find out how.

Hand holding a mobile phone with FordPass application

The FordPass Connect modem is designed to make every journey easier and more enjoyable. It enables a range of useful features, including up to 4G LTE WiFi for as many as ten devices. And it’s even more powerful after you pair it with your smartphone via the FordPass app.

  • Before you connect to the modem, you'll need to add your VIN to the FordPass app. You can see how to add your VIN in this video.
  • Once you've added your VIN, tap your car on the 'Move' landing page, then tap 'Activate Vehicle'.
  • You'll see a prompt to 'Connect' via the SYNC screen in your car.
  • Tap the 'Yes' button and in the top right hand corner of the SYNC screen: you’ll see two opposite facing arrows (pointing upwards and downwards) to show you're connected.


  • Now you can enjoy a range of features, such as Remote Lock / Unlock, Find my Car and Live Traffic.
  • The whole family can link their FordPass accounts to the car. As you're the lead account holder, you just need to approve their access.
  • If your car has had a factory reset or was bought second hand, you may need to re-connect the modem. Please refer to the Ford website for instructions.
  • The WiFi in your car is supplied separately by your local network provider. So you don’t have to sign up to another, different contract to enjoy the benefits of FordPass Connect.

That’s how easy it is to active your FordPass Connect modem. But if there’s anything you’re not sure about, you can simply contact your Ford Dealer.

And if you find this video useful, check out the others in our ‘How to…’ series: it’s designed to help you make best use of FordPass and FordPass Connect.