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How to enable Android Auto on SYNC 3

How to enable Android Auto on SYNC 3.

Android Auto in a Ford car

With Android Auto, you can control your smart phone apps using SYNC 3

Here’s how to set it up:

You need your car parked with the handbrake on or in neutral

Press the ‘Settings’ icon in the Feature Bar.

Press ‘Android Auto Preferences’

Choose ‘Enable Android Auto’.

Plug your smartphone into a USB port.



Your phone must be compatible with SYNC 3 and be running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. You also need the latest version of the Android Auto app downloaded on your phone.

You’ll see a pop-up message on your SYNC 3 touchscreen.

Press ‘Continue’

Press ‘Agree’ to accept the terms and conditions.

Data charges may apply.

Accept the terms and conditions on your phone

You might see another pop-up asking to enable Emergency Assist.



After the initial setup, your phone will connect to Android Auto automatically when plugged into a USB port.

Now you can access phone, text messages, music, Google Maps and more.

To make calls, use the voice activation button… and talk to Google, just like on your phone

That’s it. You can now enjoy Android Auto with SYNC 3


Any questions?

Check your Owner’s Manuals or contact your Ford Dealer, they’ll be happy to help.