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Bluetooth® with Voice control

Bluetooth® with Voice Control

BluetoothBluetooth Trademark with Voice Control lets you make and receive hands-free calls, select music, find directions (available on selected models) and even adjust the temperature with simple, spoken commands.
The technology is easy to use and is designed to make the most of your car’s advanced features while you’re driving.

Learn more about key features below or find out more within your owner manual.

  • Before you can use your phone in your Ford, you have to create a Bluetooth®Bluetooth Trademark connection.

    1. Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth® function.
    2. In the Bluetooth® menu on your phone, search for "Ford Audio" and select it.
    3. A personal PIN will now appear on the radio display. Enter this PIN in your mobile phone.
    4. If no PIN appears on the radio display, enter "0000" in your mobile phone then the PIN that appears on the radio display.
    5. If your phone asks if you would like this connection to be automatic in future, confirm with "Yes".
    6. Now your phone is active and you can use the handsfree functions.

    If you authorise the Bluetooth® connection to Ford Audio, your phone will automatically connect when the vehicle is started (see the user manual for your phone).

    • If the Bluetooth® connection is unstable, it may help to restart your mobile occasionally.
    • You can register up to six mobile phones in the system, but only one can be the active phone you use to make or take calls.
    • You have several options for making a phone call using your Ford audio system, which are described in the next section.
  • Ford BluetoothBluetooth Trademark with Voice Control enables you to make or accept phone calls, legally and without stopping.

    A discreetly placed microphone hears your spoken commands and to activate the system, simply press the ‘Voice Control’ button on your steering wheel or stalk, then speak your command. For example, to access your climate controls (where fitted), just say “Climate.” For your CD player, say “CD”, and so on. If at any point you need help using the system, just say: “Help.”

    Once you’ve pressed the ‘Voice Control’ button to activate the system, you can use simple commands like “dial number” to use your Bluetooth® mobile phone too.

    Make and take calls, hands-free 

    Dialling by entering numbers on the radio keypad

    You can enter the phone number you want to call manually. Press the "Phone" button on your radio keypad and enter the number. Then press the Green Receiver button marked "Dial" and the system will connect you. You can end the call by pressing the Red Receiver button marked "End". Some radio models do not offer this function.

    Dialling via Voice Control

    Your Ford audio system can connect your call via voice command:

    1. Press the "Voice" button (Mode button). The system will reply with a “beep.”
    2. Say "Phone" and the system will reply with "Phone".
    3. Say "Dial number" and the system will respond "Number please".
    4. Enter the desired phone numberTooltip. The system will reply with the phone number and adds "Continue".
    5. Continue entering the number or say "Dial". The system will reply with "Dialling".


    You can say the voice command “Dial“ right after saying the full number. To simplify dialling, you can use voice commands to save up to twenty phone numbers under their corresponding names then call them up via the ‘Name' directory. For more details, please see your Ford driver’s manual.

    Dialling a number in your phonebook, using the radio system

    Your car's audio system uses the personal phonebook stored in your mobile phone (provided the phone supports this function). Only the contacts saved to your phone memory are displayed and transferred to the vehicle. To make use of your personal phonebook entries, press the "Phone" button on your radio. Look in the "Phonebook" menu to select the entry you want then press the Green Receiver button to "Dial".

    Dialling a number from your calls list using the radio system

    Another way to make a call is to use your mobile phone's calls list (provided your phone supports this function).
    Press the "Phone" button and choose from the menu either: Missed Calls, Received Calls or Dialled Numbers.
    Select the number you want from the phone numbers stored there and press the Green Receiver button to "Dial".

    Taking calls

    You can take incoming calls with the Green Receiver button marked "Accept" or the "Phone" button.

  • Enjoying music from your mobileTooltip

    You can connect a number of different mobile music sources to your Ford audio system and enjoy every track in high quality stereo sound.

    Depending on the audio system, you can choose from the following music sources:

    USB storage media

    Just insert a USB stick in the USB port and choose it as a playback source on your audio system’s menu. You will see the file structure of your USB stick on the display. Supported audio formats: MP3, WMATooltip and WAV.

    Apple iPod/iPhone

    You can operate your iPod or iPhone easily, just like you usually do using the Ford audio system. For the best operating comfort and optimal soundTooltip quality, we advise using the original Apple USB cable. 

    Bluetooth® music source

    Via the Bluetooth® connection, you can stream music tracks wirelessly from your mobile phone.

    How to activate your preferred music source 

    Connect the music player you want to use to your Ford audio system.

    Select the desired source (USB, iPod or Bluetooth®) by pressing the "AUX" button repeatedly until you see it displayed, or use voice command and the device you selected will automatically begin playback.

    You can also use the USB port to charge your mobile device.

  • Control your phone and music with your voice  

    Voice commands allow you to operate both your Ford audio system and your mobile phone. You can control several functions using a set list of simple voice commands.

    To activate the system, just press the "Voice Control" button on your steering wheel or stalk then speak your command. For example, to access your climate controls (where fitted), just say "Climate". For your CD player, say "CD", and so on.

    Most Bluetooth® mobile phones will be compatible with the Ford you drive and you can control yours by using commands like "Dial number".

    And if at any point you need help using the system, just say "Help".