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Ford SYNC 2 with Touchscreen and Voice Contol

SYNC 2 with Touchscreen (and Voice Control)

SYNC 2 incorporates a range of useful, easy to use features that are designed to make your in-car connected experience seamless. You can choose either the colour touch screen or voice commands. Make and receive phone calls, change your music or climate settings. Why not search and call Michelin rated places of interest en route? There is so much more to SYNC 2.

Learn more about key features below or find out more within your owner manual.

  • How to pair a Bluetooth®Bluetooth Trademark-enabled mobile phone:

    Pairing allows Bluetooth®-enabled devices to communicate with each other securely.

    • The phonebook can be downloaded, along with the contact photos and set voice commands
    • Any duplicates are arranged into a candidates list so that the correct line can be chosen using voice e.g. “line 1” etc. or the touch screen
    • The options for how to proceed are then listed for the driver to choose, e.g. Call
    • Once a phone is paired Ford SYNC 2 will remember it and re-pair it automatically whenever it is in range
    • The system stores the phonebook and text messages so it only needs to look for changes rather than downloading all of the information again
    • Only text messages received whilst in the car are stored, the system cannot synchronise prior messages on the phone
    • Any information Ford SYNC 2 uses from the phone is only available when it is in the car
    • Up to 12 phones can be paired
  • Key features include:

    • One shot destination entry
    • Search for Places of Interest (POI) using voice
    • 3D buildings on map
    • Michelin travel guide
    • RDS TMC (Radio Data System, Traffic Message Channel) traffic, which is the only international standard for the delivery of traffic information to on-board satellite navigation systems)
    • Ecological route option to show the most fuel efficient route. It avoids congested highways, while maximising the use of major roads where the driver can maintain an efficient rate of speed

    Set home using the touch screen:

    Home can be set to a specific address or as the nearest junction to ensure privacy. First, make sure the vehicle is parked.

    1. Touch the Navigation corner of the touch screen
    2. Touch "Dest."
    3. Touch "My Home"
    4. "Home address empty. Add it now?" will appear on the screen
    5. Touch "Yes"
    6. Choose how to input the address from the options
    7. If entering a Junction or Address an on-screen keyboard will become available

    Alternative ways of inputting the address include:

    • Favourites
    • Emergency
    • Junction
    • Latitude/longitude

    Navigate to a destination using voice control:

    The touch screen can be used to set a destination in a variety of ways, for example by a street address, a town centre or a Place of Interest (POI).The easiest way is by voice: 

    1. Touch the Voice button on the steering wheel
    2. Say "Destination address"
    3. The system will ask for the full address and will display an example on-screen
    4. Say the address naturally, e.g. "2 Whitehall, London"
    5. The system finds the town first, then locates the street within the town
    6. The location is displayed on a map on the screen
    7. Press the Voice button on the steering wheel
    8. Say "Set as destination", "set as waypoint" or "change something"
    9. For this example, say set as destination
    10. A map showing the current location of the vehicle will appear on the screen
    11. When the vehicle begins to move, the route guidance will start

    Note: If you do not know the full address SYNC 2 will request the information step by step. For each step (junction, place of interest, street address), a list of available voice commands that are relevant to that particular step will appear on the screen.

    Navigate to a destination using touch screen:

    1. Touch the Navigation corner
    2. Touch "Dest."
    3. Choose how to input the destination
    4. For this example, touch "Address"
    5. Enter the information, section by section
    6. Touch "GO" when finished
    7. A map of the destination will appear on the screen
    8. Touch "Set as destination"
    9. When the vehicle begins to move the route guidance audio will start
    10. Alternatively, the address can be set as waypoint or saved to favourites

    Note: For entering an address you can either use town input or postcode input. Pressing the town button allows you to switch between town and postcode input.

    Set a waypoint

    Set as waypoint allows extra addresses to be added to the journey so that they can be visited on the way to the destination. The order in which they should be visited can then be set and the new route calculated. A maximum of 5 waypoints, on the way to a destination can be set.

    1. Touch Set as waypoint
    2. Touch Add waypoint
    3. Choose how to enter the additional destination
    4. For this example, touch Previous Destinations
    5. Touch the required destination from the list
    6. The location will show on a map
    7. Touch Set as waypoint

    Choose one of the following options:

    1. Add more to set more waypoints
    2. Change order to re order
    3. Optimise to have Sync decide the best order
    4. When all of the required waypoints have been entered, touch Compute route
    5. When the vehicle begins to move the route guidance audio will start

    Save a favourite using the touch screen

    Save a favourite will add an address to the favourites list so that it can be accessed quickly in future. This function is not available by voice control.

    1. Find a service or business using voice control
    2. Touch the Voice button on the steering wheel
    3. Say “Find a car park”, “Find fast food” or “Find a railway station”
    4. SYNC 2 will ask where to search, nearby or in a town
    5. Confirm the search area
    6. A list of requested businesses or services will appear
    7. Select an option from the list by saying “Line 1” for example
    8. A map of the business’ location will show on the screen
    9. Press the Voice button again, say “Set as destination” set as waypoint or save to favourites

    Find a service or business using voice control:

    1. Touch the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
    2. Say "Find a car park", "Find fast food" or "Find a railway station"
    3. SYNC 2 will ask where to search, nearby or in a town
    4. Confirm the search area
    5. A list of requested businesses or services will appear
    6. Select an option from the list by saying "Line 1" for example
    7. A map of the business’ location will show on the screen
    8. Press the "Voice" button again, say "Set as destination" set as waypoint or save to favourites

    Michelin Guide Places of Interest (POI):

    Covering the red and green guides from Michelin for the whole of Europe, information can be accessed about hotel, restaurant and sightseeing reviews, business profiles with photos, opening times, and cards accepted etc.

    Businesses can be called directly with a Bluetooth-connected phone.

    Access the Michelin Guide Places of Interest (POI) details using the touch screen:

    1. Touch "Navigation"
    2. Touch "Dest."/"Place of interest"
    3. "Places of Interest (Nearby)" shows as the default option
    4. Touch "Search area" or "Search by name" to change this
    5. Choose an option from the place categories, e.g. All restaurants or accommodation
    6. A list of available POIs will appear
    7. To view only the POIs with Michelin data , touch the Michelin tab
    8. Touch the name of the required business
    9. The contact details will display on the screen, along with prices and Michelin guide details about the business, as text, and guide icons
    10. Touch the telephone number on the screen to call the business. Alternatively, select "Set as destination", "Set as waypoint" or "Save to favourites"

    Navigation menu

    The navigation menu provides access to the Navigation settings and Traffic information, in addition to the Guidance mute option.

    1. Touch the Navigation corner
    2. Touch Menu
  • Indexing:

    Indexing is the way Ford SYNC 2 categorises the music it finds on a media player. By indexing the music, Ford SYNC 2 can play selections by track, artist, album or genre categories. Ford SYNC 2 automatically indexes the music every time a media player with new music on it is connected through the USB port. This may take a few seconds, but if the player holds thousands of songs, indexing may take longer to complete.

    Play Music:

    Owners can listen to the full selection of music stored on their phones or other devices by connecting them to Ford SYNC 2, using one of the methods discussed in this section. Once connected, audio that would otherwise come through the phone or device's speakers will be audible through the vehicle’s speakers.

    This works for any audio playing from the phone or device whether it comes from the music playing app or an online source like YouTube.

    Improvements have been made to the way Ford SYNC 2 supports playing music from connected devices:

    Enhanced voice control for media on Bluetooth-connected devices, radio and CD

    • Media browsing for connected mp3 players and mass storage devices
    • Enhanced Bluetooth audio quality for a better sound
    • Gracenote media management for voice control enhancements and cover art

    The following sources can be selected to play music. Choose the required option using the touch screen or voice-control:


    Select to access a music source plugged into the USB port of the media hub, such as a digital media player or USB memory stick. When a music source is plugged into the port, SYNC 2 will index the device to see what information is available on it and make corresponding voice commands.

    To access USB audio using voice control:

    1. Press the Voice button on the steering wheel
    2. Say "USB"
    3. Use an available voice command, e.g. "Play All" or "Browse"

    Or you can directly use commands after pressing the voice button to select a title, artist or album, e.g. "Play <The Beatles>"

    Note: If the digital music source has a name, such as "Joe’s iPod", that will appear on the touch screen instead of "USB".


    Select to access the CD player menu to Advance, Reverse, Scan, Shuffle or Repeat, plus access Options to adjust the sound settings, text display and compression settings.

    To access CD audio using voice control:

    • Press the Voice button on the steering wheel
    • Say “CD”
    • Use an available voice command, e.g. “play/pause” or “next track”

    Bluetooth® Audio:

    Select to access audio streaming wirelessly from a paired, Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone.
    To access Bluetooth® audio using voice control:

    • Press the Voice button on the steering wheel
    • Say “Bluetooth® Audio”
    • Use an available voice command, e.g. “play “, “Next” or “Pause”

    Note: Using Bluetooth® Audio rather than the USB port will limit the amount of voice control available.

    SD Card:

    Select to access audio available on an SD Card inserted into the media hub.

    • Press the Voice button on the steering wheel
    • Say "SD Card"

    A/V In

    Select to access audio/video from devices plugged into the A/V jacks of the media hub, such as a digital video camera or gaming system.

    1. Press the Voice button on the steering wheel
    2. Say “Line in”

    Note1: The vehicle must be parked to view a video, as video playback is a speed-restricted feature.

    Note2: Availability of A/V jacks depending on program, some programs alternatively provide an Auxiliary Input Jack (Line In) instead.


    Ford SYNC 2 allows passengers to control the vehicle’s DAB and radio player using the touch screen or voice control.

    To access Radio audio using voice control:

    1. Press the Voice button on the steering wheel
    2. Say "Radio"
    3. Say "DAB", "FM" or "AM"
    4. Alternatively, the name of a radio pre-set, e.g. "DAB Pre-set 2"
    5. Alternatively, say a specific station, e.g. "FM 101.2"

    Set radio pre-sets using the touch screen


    1. Touch the Entertainment corner on the touch screen
    2. Touch FM
    3. Touch Options
    4. Touch Autostore Pre-sets (AST); refresh/store the system automatically stores the six strongest stations in the current location
    5. “Autostore” will appear on the screen until the process completes, which may take several seconds

    Manually (if selecting a station than is not a pre-set)

    1. Touch the Entertainment corner on the touch screen
    2. Touch FM
    3. Touch Tune
    4. Enter the desired frequency and touch Enter
    5. Touch Pre-sets
    6. Touch and hold one of the buttons for an already programmed pre-set to save the new station in its place
    7. After a brief period of silence, the sound will return when the station is saved
    8. The name of the pre-set will change from the old to the new station
    9. Alternatively, use the Tune/Seek button on the radio to find a station, then touch and hold a pre-set to save
  • Languages: 

    There are 11 screen languages available:

    UK English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

    There are a total of 9 voice languages. All of the above have voice languages available, except Polish and Swedish.

    There are only 4 voice languages available at the same time varying by country. If a different HMI language is selected, the system will default to UK English for voice.

    Change the language:

    1. Touch Settings
    2. Touch System
    3. Touch Language
    4. Touch the required language

    Note: Instructions and place names on navigation maps will also change into the chosen screen language.

    Set the Clock using the touch screen:

    To change the time:


    1. Touch the clock
    2. Touch "Reset" to reset the clock to GPS time


    1. Touch the clock
    2. Touch "+" or "-" to adjust the time
    3. Touch AM or PM
    4. Touch Time or Date to choose which the clock displays
    5. Touch Outside Air Temperature On or Off
    6. Touch 12-hour or 24-hour to choose the clock format
    7. Touch Auto Time Zone Update On or Off

    Note: If the vehicle travels across time zones, the clock will adjust so that it is correct wherever it is. However, it does not take Daylight Saving Time into account.

    Increase the screen brightness using the touch screen

    The brightness of the screen can be increased or decreased to account for the time of day or weather conditions:

    1. Touch Settings
    2. Touch Display
    3. Touch + or - to adjust the screen brightness
    4.  Alternatively, choose a pre-set brightness by selecting Auto, Day, Night or Off
    5. Other options include: Auto dim on or off

    Set Wallpaper using the touch screen

    A personal photo can be loaded into the system, to be saved as the wallpaper on the home screen.

    1. Touch Settings
    2. Touch, Display/Edit Wallpaper
    3. Insert a USB or SD Card into the media hub:
    4. Touch Add
    5. The following pop up will appear on screen:
    6. File formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp. Maximum file size: 1.5MB. Maximum number of photos: 32. Recommended dimensions: 800 x 384 pixels.

    7. Touch OK
    8. A list of available sources will show
    9. Touch the required option
    10. Touch the name of a properly formatted photo
    11. A pop up saying that the photo is saved to the system will show
    12. Touch Add Photo
    13. A list of photos that have been uploaded to SYNC 2 will show on the right
    14. Select the photo that was just uploaded
    15. The photo will show on the left side of the screen
    16. Touch Save
    17. The image will be set as the wallpaper

    Navigation settings:

    Choose a route:

    When setting a destination, there are three options for the route to take:

    • Fastest Route, which uses the fastest moving roads
    • Shortest Route, which uses the shortest distance
    • Eco Route, which uses the most fuel-efficient route

    After entering a destination, these route preferences will appear on screen as soft buttons to select before finally starting the route guidance by pressing "Start route" on the touchscreen.

    Within the route preferences a preferred route can be selected as default, in order to speed up destination input process by always starting with the preferred route option.

    Some on-screen buttons have multiple light bars along their right-hand side. The first light bar will be highlighted initially, touching the button a second time will light up the second light bar and display further options, and so on. For example, changing the map mode from 3D to North Up to Direction Headed.

    Connect to Wi-Fi:

    There are three ways to connect to WiFi. Please refer to the user manual.

    USB Mobile Broadband

    1. Activate a compatible mobile broadband device on a PC and verify that it functions prior to connecting it with Ford SYNC 2
    2. Plug the compatible USB broadband device into the vehicle’s media hub
    3. Connect the PC or other mobile device with the Gateway Access Point using the Security Key that has been set up
    4. When connected to Ford SYNC 2, open a browser

    Phone Tethering Through Bluetooth

    PAN (Personal Area Networking) must be turned On in the vehicle and the phone being used must be equipped with it, as well as the proper data plan to support it.

    1. Touch the Phone corner on the touch screen
    2. Touch Settings/Internet Data Connection/Touch PAN
    3. Find the network settings on the phone
    4. Set up the internet tethering option

    Static Wi-Fi Connection

    1. Touch Settings/Wireless & Internet/Wi-Fi Settings/Search for Wireless Networks
    2. A list of available networks within range will show on screen
    3. Touch the network, then Connect
    4. Connect the mobile device to the network selected using a Security Key
    5. Once connected, other computers or mobile devices are capable of reaching the Internet through the secure network

    Set-up Wi-Fi using the touch screen

    A secure wireless network with a password can be created inside the vehicle, which will allow passengers to surf the Internet.

    1. Touch Settings/Wireless Internet/Wi-Fi Settings
    2. Ensure Wi-Fi network (client) is set to ON
    3. Set Gateway (Access Point) mode to On
    4. Touch Gateway (Access Point) Settings/Security Key
    5. The default password can be changed using the on-screen keyboard
    6. Type the Security Key and touch Enter
    7. Touch Apply on the Gateway (Access Point) Settings screen

    Perform a Master Reset using the touch screen

    A master reset can be performed before installing USB software updates or if there are problems with the system. The process erases all stored data, such as, call history, text message information, navigation previous destinations, and previously paired phones. It restores the system to factory settings.

    1. Touch Settings/System
    2. Scroll down to the second page
    3. Touch Master Reset
    4. Touch Yes to confirm
  • Hazard warning and speed limits

    The Hazard warning system shows a notification on the touch screen when a speed camera is being approached. It is available everywhere but the data is banned in some countries, meaning it cannot be used.

    Speed limits are shown on the touch screen in certain countries, unless Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) is available, in which case that will show the information in the cluster instead. 

    The Ford SYNC 2 touch screen is used as the display for all vehicle-parking features. By linking to the sensors on the vehicle, the distance from other objects can be shown on the screen, along with the view from the camera. 
    Parking assistance function are activated with dedicated hard buttons, not by using the touch screen. However, images from the rear view camera, which is located above the registration plate, will show on ‘assistance screens’ when relevant manoeuvres are happening. 
    Each action that displays assistance screens has a priority level, which dictates if its assistance screens override anything currently on the screen. For example, during parking manoeuvres that involve reversing, video from the rear view camera will always show on the screen. 
    Smart Charging USB Ports (not available on all programs)
    Ford SYNC 2 supports the USB smart charging standard, which ensures that any device connected by USB is charged at the appropriate rate. Traditional USB ports provide enough power to charge a smartphone or digital media player but not enough to charge an iPad. The new Smart Charging USB ports are capable of providing significantly more charging power and will base the amount supplied on how much the device needs.
    Interoperability: Not every device that can be used with Ford SYNC 2 will support every feature. Customers will have to take some time to familiarize themselves with the system and how their devices interact with it.


    The climate control can be operated by using the touch screen, voice control or the climate control buttons.

    To adjust the climate using voice control:

    1. Press the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
    2. Say “Climate”
    3. Say one of the following commands:
      • "AC on"
      • "Max AC"
      • "Increase temperature"
      • "Temperature 20 degrees"

    To adjust the climate using the touch screen [My Temp] (not available on all programmes):

    The My Temp feature can be used to store and recall a driver’s preferred temperature. This feature is provided so that the temperature can be quickly adjusted to a frequently used setting at the touch of a button:

    1. Touch the "Climate" corner on the touch screen
    2. Two sets of controls will show, one for the driver and one for the passenger
    3. Set the desired temperature using "+" or "–"
    4. Adjust the fan speed using "+" or "–"
    5. Touch the rear auxiliary climate control icon to turn it On or Off
    6. Touch and hold the "My Temp" button until the background colour goes solid to save the settings
    • Adjust heated or cooled seats using the touch screen

    These features can only be controlled through the touch screen.

    1. Touch the Climate corner of the touch screen
    2. Touch the icons for heat or cool (driver or passenger)

    Ford Emergency assistance:

    Emergency Assistance uses a Bluetooth®-connected phone to place an emergency call to 112 after a crash event that involved airbag deployment or fuel pump shut off. 

    The vehicle position is automatically transmitted to the emergency operator, whilst notifying them that an accident has taken place. 

    The local language is used to speak with the emergency operator and the driver’s chosen language is used for him/her. 

    The service is free of charge during the vehicle’s lifetime.

    The Emergency Assistance feature is only available in the following European countries:


    The Emergency Assistance feature is available in the following European markets: 


    Please check with your local dealer for latest availability of Emergency Assistance.

    Setting up Ford Emergency Assistance:

    • Touch "Settings"/"Phone"/"Emergency Assistance"
    • Set Emergency Assistance to On or Off
    • Set Emergency Assist. Reminder to ON or Off