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Ford SYNC 3 with AppLink

Ford SYNC 3 with AppLink

SYNC 3 Voice Control

A key feature of SYNC 3 with AppLink is its intuitive Voice Control function. So how many words and phrases does the technology actually respond to? To find out, download our handy voice commands list.

Discover more about on SYNC 3 with AppLink, within your owner manual.

  • Pairing your phone for the first time

    Using touchscreen

    1. Go to Menu, then Add Phone
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions
    3. A prompt alerts you to search for your vehicle model on your phone
    4. Select your vehicle model as it displays on your phone
    5. Confirm that the six-digit number appearing on your phone matches the six-digit number on the touchscreen
    6. The touchscreen indicates when the pairing is successful
    7. Your phone may prompt you to give the system permission to access information. To check your phone’s compatibility, see your phone’s manual or use our handy mobile compatibility tool. You’ll find quick start guides available here

    Using Bluetooth®Bluetooth Trademark

    You may wish to connect via Bluetooth® on your phone. Ensure Bluetooth® is turned on and select your phone’s name when it appears on the touchscreen. Then follow instructions 5, 6 and 7 above.


  • AppLink Mobile Projection for Navigation Apps

    AppLink Mobile Projection allows you to use your favourite navigation apps directly through your vehicle’s touchscreen. The system enables you to effortlessly access your preferred app with a tap on the touchscreen, or with natural voice commands. For more information on how to connect your mobile navigation applications please refer to this guide (PDF 869KB).

  • How to navigate the Ford SYNC 3 system

    What’s new?

    • Ford SYNC 3 with AppLink uses one shot destination entry, which means that address details can be entered into one field, instead of multiple fields
    • Swipe and pinch-to-zoom gestures can be used to change the map view
    • In full screen map view, the controls at the bottom of the screen are hidden after 10 seconds to provide a larger map area
    • The optional navigation system provides a full 3D experience with a rotating, elevated map view, enhanced graphics and Places of Interest (POI) building images
    • The Ford SYNC 3 with AppLink engine uses logic to correct spelling mistakes and other errors when inputting a destination

    Navigate to a destination using touchscreen:

    1. Select Nav tile or the Map area from the home page
    2. Select Destination
    3. Use the key pad to enter your destination. Destinations can be entered in several ways: by address, Places of Interest (POI), junction, Town/City, Postcode, latitude and longitude co-ordinates
    4. POI or matching previous destinations will be displayed
    5. The order of the matching route list can be sorted by Best match, or Distance or filtered, so that only POIs that appear in the Michelin guide are shown
    6. Select the appropriate tile
    7. Select the back arrow to return to the Route list
    8. From the matching route list, select the appropriate listing and result
    9. A map of the destination is displayed together with options
    10. Select the Start tile to begin route guidance to the destination
    11. Navigation will begin as soon as the car starts moving

    Add a Waypoint using touchscreen

    • Distance to destination: Select this to show the distance to the waypoint or destination.
    • Time to destination: Select this to show how long it will take to reach the waypoint or destination.
    • ETA: Select this tile to show the estimated time of arrival. This information is shown by default.
    • Then, select Close.
    • When the vehicle begins to move the route guidance audio will start.

    Save home, work or favourite address using touchscreen

      Home, work and favourite addresses can be saved to Ford SYNC 3 with AppLink, allowing drivers to set these destinations with one touch. Please follow our simple instructions below:
    • Select Destination.
    • Select whether to add the address as a favourite, home, or work.
    • For example, Select Home.
    • Confirm the selection by pressing Yes.
    • Enter the home address or use the search box to find it.
    • A list matching destinations will be shown.
    • Select the appropriate result.
    • A map of the destination will display.
    • Select Save.
    • The address will be added to the Favourites list.
    • A house icon will be displayed next to the address to identify it as Home.
    • The travel time to the home address from the current location will also be displayed.

    Using voice commands to navigate:

    Want to use voice commands to navigate instead? Why not download our handy voice commands list. Learn how easy it is to find a destination, locate a Place of Interest (POI) and much more.

    Michelin Travel Guide:

    The Michelin Travel Guide is a service which provides additional information about certain Places of Interest (POI), such as restaurants and hotels.

    POI that have Michelin Travel Guide information, display a button to show you more information. Push that button to see the additional information. If you have paired your phone with the system, you can press the phone button to directly establish a call with the selected POI.

    Note: Not all features are available in all languages and countries.

  • Getting to know your SYNC 3 entertainment system

    What’s New?

    • Each time a media player with new music is connected through the USB port, Ford SYNC 3 with AppLink automatically indexes your music. Certain artists or tracks can then be selected.
    • Voice control of audio functions have been simplified. There is no need to specify the audio source or whether to search by artist, album, song, or genre. For example, say 'Play Lola' instead of 'Play song Lola' for a track and 'Play Kinks' instead of 'Play artist Kinks' for an artist.

    Selecting an audio source using the touchscreen

    • Once you have connected your device, the name of the device will be displayed and the music library should be indexed
    • To listen to an audio source, simply select the appropriate tile on the screen.

    In addition...

    • Two phones can be paired to the system at the same time. One can be used for its phone features, and the other for its media.
    • Apple products need to be connected via your original Apple cable.

    Using voice commands

    1. Press the Voice button on the steering wheel and say a radio station frequency. Ford SYNC 3 with AppLink will automatically tune to that frequency.
    2. If the occupant is listening to the radio and wants to hear music from a USB device, voice commands can easily switch from one source to another.
    3. Press the voice button.
    4. Say “USB”.
    5. The music from the USB device will play.

    Why not download our handy voice commands list. Learn how easy it is browse, select and play your favourite music.

  • Learn how to use your SYNC 3 Settings

    How to access your SYNC 3 Settings

    1. Select the settings control to open the settings menu
    2. Select each settings menu option to find out what it controls. Here are some examples:
      • The sound setting allows you to control the sound quality and volume level.
      • Selecting clock allows you to change the clock settings, including the time zone and actual time.
    3. Use your settings to manage your Bluetooth® devices; including turning Bluetooth® on and off and view information about your connected devices.
      • Use your settings to view, change and save your navigation preferences.
      • From the general menu, you can manage your system language, set distance display in Miles or Kilometres and set temperature scale (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
    4. You can also enable and disable Apple CarPlay and Android Auto using your Settings controls.

    Find out more within your owner manual.



  • Find out more about other SYNC 3 with AppLink features

    SYNC 3 with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

    Apple CarPlay & Android Auto mimic your connected device, within your Ford vehicle. By simply connecting your Apple or Android device, you’ll have direct and easy access to your phone info, music, maps and third party apps – accessible via your touchscreen.

    How to connect with Apple CarPlaySupported Apple model

    1. Connect your Apple device with the original apple cable to your vehicle’s USB port.
    2. Upon connecting an Apple device, CarPlay will be shown on the touchscreen.
    3. The first screen of the Apple CarPlay menu displays your standard Apple apps.
    4. Now you’re ready to start exploring the benefits of Apple CarPlay with SYNC 3.

    How to connect with Android AutoAndroid Auto support

    1. Before using Android Auto, it must be activated in your SYNC 3 settings.
    2. Android Auto must be connected using both your vehicle’s Bluetooth® and USB. 
    3. Please first ensure Bluetooth® is enabled and then connect your Android device with the original cable, to your vehicle’s USB port.
    4. Upon connection, Android Auto will be shown on the touchscreen.
    5. The first screen of the Android Auto menu displays your standard apps.
    6. Now you’re ready to start exploring the benefits of Android Auto with SYNC 3. 

    SYNC 3 version AppLink

    What’s new?

    • Ford Sync 3 with AppLink is equipped to provide a range of useful apps, while supporting the Ford principle that drivers “keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road”.
    • AppLink allows Ford-authorised apps, installed on a phone, to be accessed and controlled using the touchscreen and voice commands.
    • When in use, the app is shown on the Ford SYNC 3 with AppLink screen.
    • Some apps can access vehicle data, such as GPS and odometer, if you give them permission to do so.

    How to use your iPhone and Siri Eyes Free

    • Before you can start using Siri Eyes Free, you must first ensure your iPhone is paired with your SYNC 3 with AppLink system. Once your iPhone is paired with SYNC 3 with AppLink there are two ways that you can access Siri:
      1. One way is to select the Phone icon on your touchscreen, then touch the Siri tile.
      2. The tile will change colour to indicate that Siri is now activated.
    • The second way to access Siri is through your steering wheel controls:
      1. Press the voice activation button.
      2. Hold it for about 2 seconds.
      3. Now you can use SYNC 3 with AppLink to talk to Siri, hands-free.