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Ford SYNC 1.0 incoming call

Ford SYNC 1.0

SYNC is a voice activated communications system that works with your Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone and portable media player.

Learn more about key features below or find out more within your owner manual.

  • Pairing a Bluetooth®Bluetooth Trademark enabled mobile phone:

    1. With the vehicle stationary, turn the ignition and audio system ON
    2. Ensure the phone’s Bluetooth® setting is turned ON
    3. Make sure the Bluetooth® feature on your mobile phone is switched on before
    4. To start pairing, press the "Phone" button on the audio system
    5. Press the "Phone" button. When the audio display indicates that no phones are paired, select the option to add
    6. When a message to begin pairing appears in the audio display, search for "SYNC" on your cell phone to start the pairing process
    7. Select "SYNC" on your mobile phone
    8. Wait until the PIN appears on the phone display. Compare the PIN on the phone with the PIN shown in the audio display and accept the request on the phone's and the vehicle's displayTooltip
    9. The display indicates when the pairing is successful
    10. SYNC will display the message "Download Phonebook?"
    11. Select the Yes soft key to download the phonebook, which enables voice commands of contacts

    Making and answering calls:

    1. To call a contact using voice control, start by selecting the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
    2. Wait for the prompt to finish, then say "Call XXXX XXXXXXX". You should say it exactly as the name is entered in your phonebook
    3. SYNC will then place the call

    To call a specific phone number:

    1. To call a specific number, start by selecting the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
    2. Wait for the prompt to finish, then say "Dial"
    3. SYNC will ask for the number
    4. Wait for the prompt to finish then speak the individual phone number digits at a smooth, consistent pace
    5. SYNC will read the number back to you
    6. Say "Dial" to place the call

    Listening to and responding to text messages:

    1. When SYNC receives a text message the system sounds an audio prompt and displays "Incoming text msg from <name>". To hear SYNC read the message, press the "Listen" soft key
    2. After SYNC reads the message, press the "More" soft key to see further options
    3. Click the "OK" button to choose Reply to sender from the list
    4. Use the "Down" button to highlight the text
    5. Click the "OK" button
    6. Press the "Send" soft key to send the message
  • With Ford SYNC, you can use your media player to search and play music from a variety of devices (iPhones/iPods/ MP3 players and USB drives) and USB connected music libraries. You can also stream music from the internet via a connected phone or mobile device. Find out how to get started below:

    Connecting a digital media player or USB flash drive to SYNC via the USB port:

    1. With the radio and digital media player ON, plug the device into the USB port
    2. SYNC will index all available music content and prepare the voice commands. This may take a while depending on the amount of content on your device

    Selecting music manually:

    1. Press the "AUX" button on the centre console control panel once
    2. The USB Library is displayed. With "Play all" selected, press the "OK" button to play all of the tracks in order

    Bluetooth® audio streaming:

    SYNC allows users to stream music from their Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone and play it through the SYNC audio system in the vehicle.

    1. Ensure that the desired music is playing on your paired phone and the phone is in Bluetooth®Audio Streaming mode
    2. Press "AUX" until BT Audio appears
    3. Press the "Play/Pause" soft key
  • Select your music using voice commands (with a USB connection):

    • Press the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
    • Wait for the prompt "Please say a command" to finish
    • Say "USB" and "Play Artist <name>"

    Bluetooth® audio voice-command operation:

    • Press the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
    • Say "Bluetooth® Audio" and then "Play"
  • This major advance in road safety and potentially life saving technology allows you to:

    • Automatically call the emergency services in the event of an accident
    • Speak to the operator in the correct language depending on which country it is in

    Ford Emergency Assistance is free for the life of the car with no subscription fees.

    To find out more, visit Ford Emergency Assistance.