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Ford SYNC 1.1 with AppLink - find new apps

Ford SYNC 1.1 with AppLink

Ford SYNC 1.1 with AppLink is an advanced version of Ford SYNC 1.0. It’s a technology that enables you to access and control your favourite apps on your smartphone via Voice Control, plus your car’s audio systems, steering-wheel controls, multifunctional display and centrestack. 

By creating a hands-free link between your mobile and your Ford, you can stay connected, informed and entertained while you’re driving.

In this section, you can find out how the system works in detail, helping you to get the most out of it.

Learn more about key features below or find out more within your owner manual.

  • To use Ford SYNC 1.1 with AppLink, you must first download a SYNC AppLink compatible app to your Android or iOS smartphone then pair and connect the device to your car.

    Is my phone compatible? To find out, use the Ford mobile compatibility tool.

    Note: iPhones do not have to be paired via Bluetooth®Bluetooth Trademark to work with Ford SYNC 1.1 with AppLink. iPhone users must connect to SYNC's USB port with an Apple USB cable.

    Your step-by-step guide: 

    1. Download an AppLink enabled app (e.g. Spotify) from the usual store to your iOS or Android smartphone.
    2. Connect your smartphone to your car’s Ford SYNC 1.1 with AppLink system via: Bluetooth® (for Android devices) or USB cable (for Apple devices)
    3. Select the app either from the "Mobile Apps" menu, or by pressing the "Voice" button and saying the name of the app
    4. The app adds commands to Ford SYNC 1.1 with AppLink and these can be accessed using your voice, or your car’s audio or steering wheel controls
    5. With Spotify, for example, you can select a playlist using SYNC’s voice recognition. Just say "Choose Playlist", say the name of that playlist and Spotify starts playing while also displaying the song info on SYNC’s display. In addition, if you need help at any time say "Spotify Help" and Ford SYNC will list out other possible voice commands available

    Just needs your permission:

    To activate AppLink, you must accept a data consent screen that pops up the first time you try to use the system with any device.

  • Pairing your phone:

    Depending on the phone’s capability and the market, the system may ask if you want to set the current phone as the primary device (Ford SYNC automatically tries to connect with the first phone it recognises on vehicle startup).

    1. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth® feature is switched on before starting the "search"
    2. Press the Phone button. When the audio display shows that no phones are paired, select the option to "add"
    3. When a message to ‘begin pairing’ appears in the audio display, search for SYNC on your phone to start the process
    4. When prompted on your phone’s display, confirm the six-digit PIN provided by Ford SYNC in the radio display. The display will show when the pairing is successful
  • Many voice commands are the same across every app. For example, when opening and closing. Other voice and in-vehicle control commands differ for individual apps and that’s because each developer will set up specific commands that AppLink will respond to. You’ll find more detailed information about this in the Ford App Catalogue

    Controlling apps with general voice commands:

    1. Press the ‘Voice’ button on the steering wheel. Say the command “Mobile Apps.”

    2. Ford SYNC 1.1 with AppLink will respond: “Mobile apps, please say a command.”

    3. Say the name of the application.

    4. To see the compatible mobile applications installed on your phone, press ‘Voice’, say “List mobile apps” and Ford SYNC will list all the available apps.

    6. Say the name of the app you want to open.

    7. Press the ‘Voice’ button on the steering wheel and say the name of the application.

    While the application is running, press ‘Voice’ and say any of the commands you normally use to control the application.

    To switch to another application while running an app on Ford SYNC, press the ‘Voice’ button and say the name of the app you want to open.

    To stop the application just press ‘Voice’ and say “Exit <name of the app>.” This does not close the app on your phone, just on SYNC.

  • Are there any charges for using AppLink?

    No. If you have an AppLink compatible app on your compatible smartphone you won’t incur any additional charges from Ford.

    What are the mobile data charges when using AppLink?

    Standard data rates will apply. Ford is not responsible for any additional charges you may receive from your service provider, when your vehicle sends or receives data through the connected device. This includes any additional charges incurred when driving in areas where you’re roaming out of a home network.

    From time to time some data needs to be sent from AppLink to a backend server (e.g. VIN, SYNC module number, anonymous usage statistics and debugging information). These updates may take place automatically, which might result in some minimal charges.

    Does AppLink affect how the app functions, or the speed of data connection?

    No. If you experience a slow data connection on the phone when using apps away from your vehicle, or if the apps function poorly when away from your vehicle, you can expect the same performance when using AppLink. AppLink is just a gateway for compatible apps to connect to your vehicle; it does not improve or degrade performance or operation on your phone.

    How does Ford SYNC 1.1 with AppLink connect with the phones?

    It’s easy: AppLink connects with Android via Bluetooth®, and with Apple iOS using a wired connection via the USB port.

    Is my existing Ford SYNC with Emergency Assistance system compatible with AppLink?

    As this system is enhanced, the original Ford SYNC 1 hardware is not AppLink compatible and can’t be upgraded.

    Who develops the apps for AppLink?

    Apps will be developed by independent "App Partners"; using Ford’s software development toolkit. These "App Partners" must adhere to key Ford guidelines and requirements for AppLink-enabled apps.

    Where are the apps available?

    Approved AppLink apps are available for download directly from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    What App categories does SYNC 1.1 with AppLink use?
    There are seven categories of AppLink apps:

    • Music/AudioBooks,
    • Navigation, Travel, Traffic
    • Productivity
    • News
    • Sports
    • Communications
    • Weather.

    How can I check which apps are compatible on my phone?

    To see the compatible mobile apps installed on your phone, press "Voice" and say; "List mobile apps". Apps, which are not running on iPhone or have never been started on Android, will not appear.

    Can I make a call while using an app with Ford SYNC?

    Yes. You can make a phone call while running an app by pressing the "Voice" button and saying "Call <name of the contact>" or "Dial", then the number.