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Roof Rack

Roof Rack

Clever Stowage gives you space for everything.

Whatever you want to take with you, we have the transportation accessories you need to make life easier and safer.

Ford Base Roof Carrier and Roof Rails

Ford base roof carriers fit neatly to the shape of your Transit or Transit Connect. Designed specifically for your Ford, the carriers are fitted directly to the roof of the vehicle, without the need for roof rails. Designed to be lightweight, easy to fit and lockable, Ford roof base carriers form a secure and safe platform for all of your additional stowage accessories

MontBlanc® and Thule® Base Roof Carrier

Designed to be easy to fit to your Transit Custom Low Roof, the Mont Blanc®base roof carrier features aerodynamic cross bars to minimise wind noise and reduce fuel consumption. 

Thule® Base Roof Carriers are also available for Transit and Transit Custom. 

Brink, Q-Top® (Q-Tech) and Thule® Roof Galleries

For Transit and Tourneo owners, the Brink®, Q-Top® (Q-Tech) and Thule® roof gallery range delivers more flexible and comprehensive travel, meaning you’ll never leave anything behind. The sleek and aerodynamic designs ensure stability as well as stylish looks, whilst the user-friendly fixations, locks and opening mechanisms give you the ultimate in protection and convenience. It’s the perfect choice for your Commercial Vehicle. 

To discover more about our roof transportation range, go to our Accessories Catalogue or contact your Ford Dealer.

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