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Top Selling Commercial Vehicle Accessories

Top Selling Commercial Vehicles Accessories

Protection Shield

Uncertain times need flexible solutions – that’s why we offer you the new protection shields tailor-made for Ford Commercial Vehicles and designed to help our customers continuing to operate and meet social distancing requirements. Further we will be offering drivers and passengers additional peace of mind while they work and travel.

Tow Bar

Tow Bar

Make the most of your vehicle’s towing capabilities and keep your loads safely attached. The corresponding electrical kits are designed for complete compatibility and integration with your electrical systems. 

Roof Rack

Roof base carrier or cross bars are essential for using roof equipment. There are different possibilities to install transport systems for whatever you would like to carry.

Roof Rack
Thule®+ Professional

Roof Transportation

Use your roof carrying capabilities efficiently. Numerous components are ready for heavy-duty roof transportation such as ladder holders, conduit cases and tension belts – all perfectly fitting your Ford.

Interior Transportation

Why don’t you let Ford carry the load? Our great choice of accessories is designed to keep and protect your cargo safe and easy inside your load compartment. Secure your valuable load with an interior roof rack, a load space divider, an overhead racking system or a hardwood floor with anti-slip coating.

Interior Transportation Solutions
Rear Ladder

Rear Ladder

Make your life easier when loading and unloading your cargo. Step-up to the top in comfort and conveniently reach for your roof loads.

Floor Mats

Genuine Ford all-weather floor mats and carpet floor mats are tailor-made to fit your Ford perfectly and protect against dirt and damp. Securely fixed directly onto the vehicle's floor, the mat cannot slip and interfere with the pedals.

Floor Mats
Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels

Change the look of your Ford with a set of alloy wheels.

All have been designed to complement the looks of whatever Ford you drive. They are manufactured from the finest, corrosion resistant materials and so can be safely used as winter wheels.

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