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Bikes over a roof transportation attachment

Thule Roof Transportation Attachments

If you have a passion for adventure and a lifestyle to match, you’ll find that ThuleTooltip roof transportation accessories provide the perfect solutions to help you make the most of life. 

Thule’sTooltip range of roof transportation accessories attach securely to your Ford roof cross bars or Ford base carrier.

Roof Boxes
Robust and spacious, Thule’sTooltip range of Touring and Pacific roof boxes ensure that you don’t need to leave anything behind. The sleek and aerodynamic designs ensure stability as well as stylish looks, whilst the user-friendly fixations, locks and opening mechanisms give you the ultimate in protection and convenience. Available in a range of sizes, simply select the size you require to suit your transportation needs.

Bike Racks

It’s easier than ever to move from four wheels to two when you’re in the mood to enjoy the great outdoors. The ever-popular ThuleTooltip 591 Bike Carrier is designed to be easy to fit and easy to use for frames up to 80 mm. It’s also lockable, for protection against theft.

Ski Carriers
If you prefer to head for the slopes, check out the ThuleTooltip 727 Ski Carrier Deluxe. Suitable for up to six pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, it’s the ultimate safe, secure and user-friendly solution when you want to carry skis and snowboards.

Kayak Carriers
If canoes or kayaks float your boat, look no further than a ThuleTooltip Kayak Carrier 874. It’s fast, safe and easy to use, ensuring you can spend as much time as possible on the water. 



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