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Ford Alloy Wheels

Look and feel different with our range of Ford alloy wheels.

All have been designed to complement the looks of whatever Ford you drive. Sleek, purposeful or elegant, the choice is yours. And you can be assured whatever alloy option you choose, you can trust that they’ve been manufactured to the highest standards, from the finest materials and endured long-term testing to keep you safe on the road. Every single alloy is X-ray checked for defects and further checked to ensure no air from the tyres will be lost through the wheel. And with different styles you can sure that the performance of our alloys is as great as their looks.

Why choose Ford alloy wheels?
Ford makes alloy wheels for Ford cars, not for anyone else. So there’s no need for us to compromise the design or quality to meet a range of manufacturers’ requirements. Instead we can concentrate on designing and manufacturing alloy wheels which perfectly complement the specific model they are designed for.

Built that little bit better
Because our alloy wheels are designed and built for specific Ford models, we know exactly the specification that’s required. But we build them to perform even better – going beyond the model’s specifications, to provide a reassuring margin on their load-bearing characteristics and safety performance.

Tested and approved
Ford alloy wheels are tested for durability and strength at every stage of the design and development process. That means you can be sure they meet Ford’s premium quality standards and match the manufacturing quality of your Ford vehicle.

Stage 1: Scientific design

For every new Ford alloy wheel, a basic design is created by the Ford design group. The necessary specifications to suit any particular vehicle mode are then calculated using advanced and highly accurate scientific and mathematical processes.

Stage 2: Feasibility study
Once the design has been agreed, the engineering department carries out a design and feasibility study for the specific Ford model. All body styles are included in the study to ensure quality standards and road safety requirements are met, whatever the different weight distribution characteristics.

Stage 3: Prototyping
Prototype wheels are produced and thoroughly static tested (including X-raying) for dimensions, material faults, leaks, imbalance and impact resistance. 

Stage 4: Road testing
The vehicle durability test on each alloy wheel at the Ford proving ground represents 240,000 km of driving in a variety of real driving situations and extreme conditions.

Stage 5: Durability and strength testing
Ford alloy wheels are laboratory tested simulating real driving conditions, the tests equate to 300,000km of driving with the wheel pre-damaged to represent extreme events such as driving over a kerb. Wheels must pass these tests before the design will be approved for manufacture.

Fit and Forget
Fitting Ford alloy wheels to your Ford is quick and easy. As the wheels are specifically designed for your Ford there’s little or no modification necessary, whatever the wheel or tyre size. That means you not only save on fitting costs, you also protect your vehicle warranty which other alloy wheels could invalidate.

Locking wheel nuts
Secure your alloy wheels and protect them from theft with locking wheel nuts. Designed so that they cannot be removed with standard tools, genuine Ford locking wheel nuts can only be removed with the special tool supplied in the kit. As our locking wheel nuts are Thatcham approved, you can rest assured that they have been engineered to reduce the risk of theft and to help reduce insurance premiums.

Reasons to smile

  • Preserve your vehicle’s residual value with genuine Ford parts
  • Designed to complement the look of your Ford
  • Engineered specifically for your Ford and manufactured to the highest standards
  • Wheels are X-ray checked for defects

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