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Discover how connected technology makes owning a Ford better than ever.

Unlock a whole new world of connected features.

FordPass Connectivity - hand holding mobile

FordPass Connect

FordPass Connect is a built-in modem that enables you to stay as connected in your car as you are at home. The technology unlocks a range of connected features that become even more powerful when paired with the FordPass app.


Ford SYNC technology allows you to manage a range of connected vehicle features, either through the touchscreen or by using remarkably simple voice commands. You can control everything from phone calls and text messages, to vehicle navigation, or playing your favourite music.

Our new SYNC 4A system, available on the all-electric Mustang Mach-E, is our smartest yet. With cloud-based connectivity and over-the-air updates, SYNC 4A delivers a seamlessly integrated, continuously evolving customer experience. 

Ford SYNC 4
FordPass Connectivity navigation system

Navigation systems

Whether you make use of our advanced built-in navigation system or prefer third-party apps on your phone, Ford SYNC ensures you’ll always be able to find the best route to your destination.

Ford Power-Up Software Updates

Vehicles with FordPass Connect are built to evolve. The technology can download Ford Power-Up software updates over the air to make sure your vehicle is always up to date. These updates can upgrade vehicle software, like your vehicle’s SYNC system, introduce new or updated vehicle features, and enhance the quality, capability and convenience of your vehicle.


Ford Mustang Mach-e

Alexa Built-In

Meet your new navigator, weatherman, personal assistant, and much more… Activate Alexa Built-inVehicles with SYNC 4 for a host of connected vehicle, communication, and smart home featuresCertain Alexa functionality.

Alexa Built-In

Enjoy seamless connectivity on the move with Alexa Built-inVehicles with SYNC 4. Once activated, Alexa seamlessly integrates with your car, allowing you to manage your on-board systems, including navigation and climate control; plus, phone calls and infotainment; as well as giving remote access to your smart homeCertain Alexa functionality features. You can even manage your personal calendars, email, and home shopping lists. And all by using simple voice commands.

Watch the film to find out how to activate Alexa Built-in.

Mustang Mach-E view of person in driver's seat through window

For your car

Alexa intuitively integrates with your vehicle by simply using your voice. Want the air-con turned down? Need directions to the nearest supermarket or charging station? Simply ask Alexa.

Alexa smart home device on white wall

For your home

Prefer to walk into a nice warm home? Can’t remember if you locked your front door? With Alexa Built-in, you have remote access to all your smart home devicesCertain Alexa functionality for heating, security, lighting and more… all from inside your car.

How to activate alexa built-in

Follow the steps below or watch our video to learn more about how to activate Alexa for your vehicle. You can use your existing Amazon account login details or create an account on the spot if you don't have one.

Alexa icon graphic

Step 1

Register Alexa Built-in by tapping on the Alexa icon on the SYNC 4 screen.

Get started

Step 2

On the status information screen, select Alexa Built-in, then select “Yes” or “Get Started”.

QR code graphic

Step 3

Scan the QR code or visit and sign into your Amazon account or create a new account. Follow the steps to finish registering.

FordPass Logo

Step 4

Now activate Ford Premium Connectivity. Tap "Subscriptions" within the FordPass app. Select "Ford Premium Connectivity" and follow the on screen steps to activate your in-car assistant.

Ford Premium Connectivity

Ford Premium ConnectivitySubscription may be required gives you access to your music and entertainment accounts – including Audible, Spotify and Amazon Music, plus news, podcasts, games, and thousands of Alexa SkillsSubscription may be required. Normally accessed via your home Wi-Fi or mobile data, a Ford Premium Connectivity subscription90 day free trial to Ford Streaming covers the more intensive data costs for accessing these features while on the move.

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