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Multi-Contour Seats with

Active Motion Massage

Multicontour Car seat with internal subsection

Seats that provide added support… and can give you a massage

A Multi-Contour Seat with Active Motion Massage is possibly the smartest seat you’ll ever sit on. It’s adjustable in 10 ways to create a more personalised fit, and features heating and cooling functions for additional comfort.

But, as the name suggests, the best thing is the massage function. Eleven subtly-moving cushions give you a Spa-like massage as you drive. These gentle massage movements won’t intrude on your concentration, but will ensure that, at the end of your journey, you’re much more relaxed than usual. This is backed up by doctors (involved in the seat’s design) who found that muscle tension was reduced by up to 60%. No wonder four out of five people found Multi-Contour seats more comfortable than standard ones.