• Our Ford Electric vehicles are built to the same high quality standards as our conventional vehicles. That’s why we give an 8-year/160,000 km warranty on our batteries.

  • Electric car ranges vary a lot, from city cars with smaller batteries to SUV’s with much larger batteries. The Mustang Mach-E has a targeted range of up to 440km with the standard range battery, or up 610km with the extended range battery.Electric vehicles FAQ - battery

    Think about your longest regular journey and how far you actually drive on a daily basis. Then also consider that if you’re able to charge at home you can ‘fill up’ every night just by plugging in. It soon becomes clear that with these ranges, most trips can be made by charging at home. And when you do have a long distance trip, public charging, and IONITY high power charging through FordPass, can easily be planned as part of your trip.

  • Batteries have an optimal operating temperature, and they heat and cool themselves to achieve it. They have to power everything that you switch on, so everything you do to reduce the power needed will improve your range. There are many ways you can help to maximise the range of your electric car during cold weather:

    • Pre-heat your car while it’s charging, before you leave.
    • Remove any snow so it’s not heavier than necessary.
    • Use the heated seats and steering wheel rather than heat up the entire cabin.
    • Drive economically – a steady speed that isn’t high, with gentle acceleration and braking etc.
    • Maximise the power recovered through regenerative braking by braking gradually when possible.
    • Connect your electric car to an external power source whenever it’s parked, to keep the system warm from an external source and to re-charge.
  • Just like in petrol- or diesel-fuelled cars, the range of electric vehicles can be affected by a few factors. Here are some main things to consider:

    • High speeds and heavy acceleration use more power and reduce range, so you’ll get more miles out of your potential range by travelling at a steady speed and accelerating gradually.
    • Extreme hot or cold weather conditions affect batteries and can reduce range. Heating or cooling the inside of your vehicle will also draw extra energy from your battery. We’d recommend adjusting the inside temperature of your vehicle while you’re still plugged into the charger.
    • Regenerative braking can capture and reuse more than 90% of the energy normally lost during the braking process, recharging the high-voltage battery and maximising your range, recharging the high-voltage battery and maximising your range. Try to predict traffic situations ahead to optimize your braking for maximum energy recuperation.
  • There are multiple ways of charging your electric vehicle at home and on the go.

    Home charging

    • A Ford Connected Wallbox is the most convenient and is likely to be the fastest way to charge your Mustang Mach-E at home. It will add around 30km of range every hour. With the FordPass appElectric vehicles FAQ - charging (FordPass app), you can even control the Connected Wallbox and manage access.
    • If you have an industrial socket outlet installed, you can charge faster than with a normal socket. You can use the Ford Varipower Home Charge Cable (provided with your vehicle), with its industrial socket connector. Charging this way adds around 20km of range every hour.
    • Finally, you can simply plug into a common domestic socket, using the home charge cord and its domestic socket connector. This can add around 12km of range per hour. Please ensure your sockets are checked by a professional electrician to ensure safe operation.
    • Public charging

    Public charging

    Ford offers access to public charging stations across Europe as part of the BlueOval Charging Network. Chargers can be unlocked using the BlueOval Charge Card (RFID), the FordPass app or Plug and Charge. You’re likely to come across several different types of pubic charger for your electric vehicle:

    What is the BlueOval™ Charging Network subscription? 

    The BlueOval™ Charging Network combines multiple charging networks, giving you pay-as-you-go access to more than 300,000 public charging stations across Europe. Upon signing up, Mustang Mach-E customers get complimentary access to the network for five years. This also includes one year of premium access to Ionity DC fast chargers and one year access to the bp pulse network for UK customers only. 

    This subscription is currently only available with Mustang Mach-E. Fees will apply for charging your vehicle at public charging stations. The cost of charging at home will depend on your energy tariff. 

    What are the benefits of using the BlueOval™  Charging Network?

    Using the BlueOval™ Charging Network comes with several benefits:

    1. Reduced rates at certain charge stations.
    2. You can use your BlueOval™ Charging Card to tap and pay, meaning you don't have to sign up each time you charge at a new station.
    3. All your billing is in one account, making it easier to manage your charging. 
    4. Access to over 300,000 public charging stations across Europe.

    How do I set up my BlueOval™  Charging subscription? 

    Once you have your vehicle, you can set up your BlueOval™  Charging subscription by:

    1. Authorise FordPass Connect via the FordPass app
    2. Activate FordPass Connect on the touchscreen in your vehicle
    3. Log into your Ford Account on https://www.ford.eu/ford-account or scan the QR code on the box or flyer that contains your Charging Card, which  should be located in the glovebox of your vehicle. 
    4. Click 'Subscriptions'
    5. Follow the steps to activate your BlueOval™  Charging Network trial. You will need the long number on the back of your Charging Card.

    Where can I charge my electric car? What chargers can I use in my BlueOval™  Charging Network subscription?

    You can find all nearby charging stations in the FordPass appFordPass App under 'maps'. You can also filter your search to only show avaiable charging stations in the BlueOval™  Charging Network.

    Can I use fast chargers with a BlueOval™  Charging Card?

    Yes, your BlueOval™  Charging Card works at both AC charging stations and DC Fast Chargers. Your BlueOval™  Charging subscription provides you with 12 months complimentary access to the premium Ionity DC fast charging network, where you can recharge your vehicle in minutes. 

    How and where can I charge abroad? 

    Once activated, the BlueOval™  Charging Card can be used at any charging station shown within the FordPass app or on our website. The BlueOval™ FordPass Charging Network provides access to over 300,000 charging points across Europe, so you can rest assured when taking your electric vehicle abroad. This covers the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Czechia, Greece, Hungary and  Romania.

    If you plan to recharge your vehicle at a home in another country, you may need a Universal Cord Connector that fits the local plug sockets. These can be ordered from your Ford Dealer. Some countries also have an online Ford parts store.

    What happens if I lose, don't have or need to replace a BlueOval™ Charge Card? 

    You can get in touch with one of our FordPass Guides via the 'Help' section in the FordPass app. They will be able to support you with getting a new Charge Card. 

    You will need to cancel your existing BlueOval™  Charging subscription in your Ford Account and sign up again using your new BlueOval™  Charge Card number. Don't worry, you will still be eligble for the remainder of the free trial period. 

    My BlueOval™  Charge Card is not working, what do I do?

    You can get in touch with one of our FordPass Guides via the 'Help' section in the FordPass app. They will try to resolve the issues you're having with the card, or arrange the delivery of a new card.

    How do I add my BlueOval™  Charge Card to my Ford Account?

    Go to Ford.EU/Ford-Account, select your region, log into your Ford Account, and then activate your free trial/subscription. You will be asked to add your default payment method along with the long number on the back of the BlueOval™  Charge Card. Once these steps are completed your card will be successfully activated. 

    Will I get a receipt if I use the FordPass Charging Network?  

    Yes, every time you use the BlueOval™ Charging Network you will receive an in-app notification, as well as an invoice email with details of your payment. 

    How can I change my payment card details registered to my BlueOval™  Charge card? 

    You can change payment card details by going to Ford.EU/Ford-Account, selecting your region, logging into your Ford Account, and then clicking 'manage' and 'change your default card'.

    Once you update your default card, this will apply to all payments associated with your Ford Account.

    How do I pay for charging? 

    You can pay for charging by using yourBlueOval™  Charging Card at any charging station in the BlueOval™  Charging Network. We will automatically bill the default payment card in your Ford Pay Wallet after each completed charging session. This billing authorization will continue until your access to the BlueOval™  Charging Network expires or is cancelled. 

    How much will the BlueOval™  Charging Network subscription cost following the free trial?

    Your BlueOval™  Charging Network subscriptions comes with a five-year complimentary trial. It also comes with a one year free trial to the premium charging provider Ionity. Following the Ionity free trial period you can choose to upgrade to an Ionity annual subscription for a cost of €159.

    (Pricing correct as of August 2021 and may be subject to changes). 

    Why do we need your credit card info?

    The card you provide will only be used when you use FordPassFordPass App to pay for your charging sessions, including any idle fees. Your card will not be used to auto-renew your BlueOval™  Charging Network subscription when the free trial comes to an end, or for any similar or additional reasons. To avoid any disruptions in service, we will notify you when your current plan or trial is nearing its end.

    Please note, idle fees are incurred when your vehicle has completed its charging session but remains parked at the station (preventing others from using the station). These fees typically begin after a grace period determined by the charging station provider.

    Can I share my subscription with other users of my vehicle?

    Yes, you can share your BlueOval™ Charging Network access with other users who are authorised to access your vehicle. All you need to do is go to your vehicle details in the FordPass app, click on "BlueOval™  Charging Network" and then enable shared charging access.

    Can I still use a public chargers if I have forgotten my BlueOval™  Charging Card?

    Yes, there are multiple options available for recharging in public, even if you have forgotten your BlueOval™ Charge Card. You can pay for charging via the FordPass app, or you can use Plug & Charge. With Plug and Charge, you can simply park at a participating charge station, plug your vehicle in and walk away. Your payment will be made automatically with the payment method on file once your charging is complete. The receipt will be emailed to you for your records.

    Where can I see pricing for charging on the BlueOval™  Charging Network?

    Up-to-date charging prices are shown in the FordPass App**, where you can also see stations that are part of the BlueOval™  Charging Network on a map. Ford applies a 10% service fee on all transactions, which is reflected in the costs displayed. This charge helps us to operate the service and provide easy access to charge points from hundreds of operators in one place. Please note, if your charging session includes session or idles fees, the 10% charge will be applied to the final invoice. Service fees are not displayed at the charging point.

    For the duration of your subscription, FordPass makes payment effortless by automatically billing the default payment card in your FordPay Wallet. BlueOval™  Charging Network costs are subject to change for reasons including, but not limited to, business conditions, energy prices, and errors in published price.

    Public AC Charger (11-22kW). For some of these, you’ll need to have your public charge cord, which comes as standard with the Mustang Mach-E and you’ll get around 48km of range per hour.

    50 kW DC Charger. These chargers are already commonly available in many countries. A charge cord will always be attached to the station, so you won’t need to use your own. They can deliver around 300km of range every hour.

    150 kW DC Charger. These deliver the fastest charging, adding around 560km of range per hour, without the need for your public charge cord. The number of high-power chargers is continuously growing, and Ford are a partner in the IONITY network, spreading high-power chargers across European highways.


    All values are based on typical conditions. Actual charging rates may vary.

  • Electric vehicle owners typically do 90% of their charging at home. And it’s likely to be the cheapest option, unless your employer offers free charging at work.

    With a Ford Connected Wallbox installed at home, you can plug your electric car in overnight and guarantee yourself close to a full charge in the morning, just like your phone. With our specialist partners, we can assist you with the installation. More details on the Ford Connected Wallbox will be coming in spring 2020.

    You can also charge slower using your standard equipment cable in a Ford Varipower Home Charge Cable normal household socket, or in a higher power industrial socket. 

  • There are various ways to charge an electric car quickly:

    Public AC Charger: (11-22kW). For some of these, you’ll need to have your public charge cord, which comes as standard with the Mustang Mach-E and you’ll get around 48km of range per hour.

    50 kW DC Charger: These chargers are already commonly available in many countries. A charge cord will always be attached to the station, so you won’t need to use your own. They can deliver around 300km of range every hour.

    150 DC Charger: These deliver the fastest charging, adding around 560km of range per hour, without the need for your public charge cord. The number of high-power chargers is continuously growing, and Ford are a partner in the IONITY network, spreading high-power chargers across European highways.

    All values are based on typical conditions. Actual charging rates may vary.

  • The right charging equipment for your home depends on your accommodation and your driving patterns.

    See How do I charge an electric car for more details.

  • You can simply use the FordPass app or your vehicle navigation system. Both will show you the exact locations, availability and cost of different charging stations.

    If you are on a journey, both the app and navigation will find chargers along your route and update your ETA to include charge times.

    You can even pre-plan a journey from the comfort of your home and then send it to your Mustang Mach-E, so you’re ready to go when you leave.

  • With a FordPass charging subscription you pay for your charging using the 'pay as you go' method. Each time you charge, you’ll receive a notification shortly after, with the details of your charge and the cost that will be billed to you.

  • Yes, some supermarkets and other stores have charging stations that can be used for free while you’re shopping.

  • Typically, charging an electric vehicle costs €660.00 a year. Compared to €2,217.60 a year for petrol/diesel.Electric vehicles FAQ - charging (price)

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