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Performance and Efficiency

Features shown on this page may only be available on selected models. Where available, these features may be optional extras at additional cost. For more info, download price list to view current ROI specifications.

A range of features can help you to save fuel and maximise the recharge rate of your hybrid battery. View your Journey Insights in the FordPass app to see data on past journeys, including Fuel Reports to help you stay on top of your spending. Brake Coach can tell you how to brake more efficiently to reduce your fuel consumption. EV Coach will help you improve how quickly the hybrid battery recharges with Regenerative Braking technology.

Ford S-MAX Paddle shift detail on the steering wheel

Change gears fast, with your fingertips

Normally only found on high end sports cars, Paddle Shifters are available with your S-MAX. This racing-inspired technology puts swift, effortless gear changes at your fingertips. And because the Paddle Shifters are mounted on the steering wheel, you can change gear more efficiently when cornering. 

Advanced suspension for superb ride and handling

The S-MAX has a multi-link rear suspension. This advanced system is light, rigid and perfectly tuned, for excellent responsiveness, control and ride quality.

Ford S-MAX Advanced Multi-Link Rear Suspension

Helping you drive more efficiently

The innovative Ford EcoMode continually monitors how your driving behaviour affects fuel consumption. The system analyses your speed, gear shifting, braking and anticipation levels, plus the number of short and long journeys you make. The FordPass app also delivers a monthly Fuel Report conveniently on your phone.

Image shown not ROI specification.

Ford Eco Mode notification on display detail