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Driving Experience

A magnetically-controlled suspension system, a new 12” customisable digital instrument and information cluster, and advanced driving technologies such as Selectable Driving Modes and Adaptive Cruise Control make every drive in the Mustang an unforgettable experience.

New Ford Mustang transparent model with visible suspension system

Introducing MagneRide™ Damping System

This advanced new suspension system delivers both driving confidence and exceptional comfort. The system continually monitors road conditions and driver intention, checking and adjusting the dampers up to one thousand times per second. Selecting different Drive Modes automatically adjusts the system’s calibration for exceptional stability, ride comfort and control in all conditions.

Gauge your performance

Track Apps measures multiple performance metrics and displays them in the instrument cluster, helping you get the most from your New Ford Mustang. Using Track Apps, you can view an acceleration timer, brake performance, lap times and more. All this information helps you to maximise Mustang’s capabilities, and your enjoyment, whenever you’re on track.

A person sitting behind driving wheel in Ford Mustang for driving test
New Ford Mustang LED lights close-up

New LED headlights and daytime running lights

Mustang now comes with all-LED tri-bar headlamps to deliver a precise and intensely bright light pattern. A useful night-driving aid, auto high beam also temporarily dips your headlights when it detects oncoming traffic or a vehicle ahead, stopping you dazzling other drivers. It then automatically reverts back to high beam, giving you maximum visibility. In addition, daytime running lights not only look stunning, they’re designed to help increase your visibility. 

Power-assisted steering that responds to every situation

Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) automatically adjusts to your speed and the conditions. At low speeds, the system makes wheel turns feel lighter and easier, improving manoeuvrability. At high speeds, when you need greater control, it firms up the steering. Now with drift control, EPAS also takes into account crosswinds and other driving conditions, while active nibble control reduces any unwanted vibration in the steering wheel.


New Ford Mustang leather steering wheel

An advanced system to help you stay in your lane

A Lane Keeping System uses a forward-looking camera to detect if you’re unintentionally drifting out of lane. Lane Keeping Alert then warns you by vibrating the steering wheel and displaying a visual warning. If you're slow to react or don’t respond, Lane Keeping Aid can provide steering torque assistance to help guide you back into the right lane. The technology is designed for multi-lane roads (like motorways), so will automatically deactivate at speeds below 43mph, or can be turned off manually.

New Ford Mustang side-view on coastal road
Ford SYNC logo

Ford SYNC with Emergency Assistance

An important part of Ford SYNC is Emergency Assistance. In the event of an accident, where the airbag is deployed or the fuel-pump deactivated, the technology can use a Bluetooth® - paired and connected mobile phone to help you contact the Emergency Services. You can choose to stop the call, or talk to those services if you need to. Crucially, the system is designed to supply vital information, such as your GPS coordinates.