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Performance and Efficiency

The Ford Mondeo features a powerful and efficient Hybrid engine and a range of intelligent technologies. The result: great performance and precise handling. The Hybrid powertrain delivers the power you want, and the efficiency you need. In fact, the combination of smart design and advanced engineering means excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions.

Ford Mondeo front part showing regenerative braking

Re-charge your battery more efficiently

Unlike traditional systems, Regenerative Braking only charges the battery when it needs it and, whenever possible, avoids doing so when you’re pressing the accelerator. This can help save even more fuel and further reduce emissions.

Use less fuel with Auto Start-Stop

When you stop at traffic lights or your vehicle is idling in a queue, this technology can automatically switch off the engine (while still supplying power to essentials like the headlights, air-conditioning, radio and the Ford SYNC system). When you're ready to move, just depress the clutch and select first gear as usual, or press the accelerator on an automatic, and the system restarts. Auto Start-Stop is particularly effective in town and city streets, where it can cut fuel consumption by up to 10% (urban cycle).

White Ford Mondeo standing on zebra crossing viewed from top
Ford Mondeo active grille shutter close up

Better aerodynamics for improved economy

When you’re driving slowly, the Active Grille Shutter system keeps the grille vent open to cool the engine. When you pick up speed it can automatically close, improving aerodynamics and helping to save fuel. Over time, this technology can make a big difference.

EcoBoost: getting the most out of your engine

EcoBoost petrol engine uses a combination of direct fuel injection and turbo-charging, to deliver outstanding levels of performance and money-saving fuel economy. The 1.5 litre EcoBoost produces 165 PS. Euro Stage 6D Temp emissions standard.

Ford Mondeo model of EcoBoost engine