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Performance and Efficiency

In addition to its range of powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engines, Ford Focus is also now available with an EcoBoost Hybrid. This hybrid powertrain boosts power, maximises efficiency and minimises emissions. And the exterior has been sculpted to create an athletic shape that cuts through the air with ease, improving efficiency even further.

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Available as a Focus Mild Hybrid

The Focus EcoBoost Hybrid uses an electric motor with a 48-volt battery to support its petrol engine. Instead of driving solely on electric power, the electric motor provides torque assistance to the engine, delivering extra power equivalent to 16 PS, up to 20 % better accelerationFocus - mid-range. It also uses regenerative braking technology, which charges the mild hybrid's battery by capturing energy that’s usually lost when you slow down. This helps increase your fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Essential journey information

An on-board trip computer shows you the essential facts like mileage, fuel consumption, speed and the outside air temperature. It also includes ‘distance to empty’: roughly how far you can go on the fuel left in the tank. This is particularly useful on long journeys, or if you know you’re driving somewhere remote. With the FordPass app on your smartphone, you can receive health alerts for specific parts of your vehicle too. Like if a tyre is getting low, or your oil needs changing.

FordPass on a phone display
Ford Focus 8-Speed automatic transmission with Rotary gear shifter

A sophisticated 8-speed automatic transmission

With improved acceleration and super-smooth gear changes, the advanced automatic transmission is engineered from the ground up to enhance your driving experience and maximise performance. The traditional gear lever is replaced with a console-mounted rotary gear shift dial. This gives the interior a cleaner, more modern layout. And there's another useful feature: when you park your car, the shifter automatically sets itself to parking mode. Only available on automatic.

Get the most out of your engine

The new and improved 1.0 litre Ford EcoBoost 3-cylinder petrol engine is designed to give you all the power you’d expect from a much larger engine.  Ford EcoBoost technology delivers performance that’s smooth, responsive and rewarding.  To make it even more efficient, the engine now features cylinder deactivation. This shuts off a cylinder when torque demand is low, such as on a motorway. When torque demand increases, the cylinder springs back to life to give you the power you need.

Ford Focus in the mountains with sun setting and city in backdrop

A new standard for diesel engines

The 1.5 litre Ford EcoBlue diesel engines are highly advanced, turbo-charged engines that deliver measurably improved efficiency, performance and refinement. These new engines can improve fuel efficiency, are more responsive and are also quieter than ever before. They’ll also be available with AdBlue® , a urea/water-based fluid that converts NOx emissions in the exhaust gas into nitrogen and water. A particulate filter then reduces more than 99% of emitted solid particulates from the vehicle’s exhaust.

A 6-speed manual transmission

The 6-speed manual transmission in Focus has been optimised to make gear selection easier, more precise and quieter. It has been specially engineered to improve driving dynamics and reduce fuel consumption, too, helping to make your drive more exhilarating whilst reducing trips to the petrol station.

Ford Focus 6-speed manual transmission
Ford Focus eco mode display detail

Helping you drive more efficiently

The next generation of Ford EcoMode continually monitors how your driving behaviour affects fuel consumption. A blue ring on the digital instrument cluster clearly shows you how economically you’re driving. The system can also provide advice ahead of bends, speed limit changes, and more, to help you avoid sudden and inefficient braking. After each trip, a data summary shows tips for more efficient driving in the future, and lets you compare previous journeys. For extra convenience, you can also view driving performance through Journey Insights in the FordPass app. See how you could drive more efficiently, with information on braking, acceleration and cornering. And get a monthly report on your fuel use too.