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Here to keep you moving this Summer

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It’s important to look after your own health, and your vehicle’s health is no different. With our comprehensive Ford Summer Refresh, we’ll ensure your Ford is ready to go this Summer.

For just €79 recommended retail price, the Ford Summer Refresh includes:

  • A Midtronics Battery Test, a specialist battery condition test to provide peace of mind.
  • An antibacterial Ford micronAir® proTect cabin filterFord micronAir ProTect OR Ford Odour Filter Plus to replace your current cabin filter and help cleanse the air inside your Ford.
  • An Air Conditioning Refresh to help cleanse the system in your Ford.
  • A Ford Video CheckFord Video Check Summer, a 30-point vehicle health check so you can see exactly what your Ford-trained technician sees.

Book now for €59 recommended promotional price, OR save €20 on a BlueService or Motorcraft Service when you book online and use code FORD20. Only one voucher per customer per visit may be usedAvailable for retail customers at participating dealers only.

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Antibacterial micronAir proTect cabin filter

Ford micronAir® proTect Cabin Filter helps cleanse the air inside your Ford, providing antibacterial surface protection against 99.9% of allergens such as bacteria and fungal sporesExclusions Apply. for use in air conditioning or air circulatory systems. Ask your dealer for more information.

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A new way of Ford Service

Ensuring our customers feel safe is a top priority for us. That’s why we offer a number of contactless, digital, and safe servicing options, providing convenience and reassurance. From making your appointment online, to picking up your vehicle, supplying you with a courtesy car, and returning your own disinfected vehicle – we’re here to get you moving again safely.



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