You can recharge your plug-in or electric van at home by plugging in to a regular domestic power socket, or a Ford Wallbox home EV charging point for faster home charging speeds.

Close up on Wallbox charger


A Ford Connected Wallbox delivers much faster home charging speeds than a regular domestic power socket. So you can ensure your electric vehicles are always charged and ready to work when you are. You can also manage your home charging schedules, in-vehicle or using the FordPass Pro app, to take advantage of variable energy tariffs. We can help you arrange the installation of a Ford Wallbox through our local specialist installer.


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Charging an electric van from a standard domestic socket is simple, all you need is the home charging cable and a socket that’s within reach. It's not the fastest way to charge. But you'll usually be able to leave your vehicle to charge at home overnight, or while you’re working on site, so you’re always ready to drive. You don’t need any additional equipment, so it’s a cost effective and accessible way to get charging.

All-electric Ford Transit being charged at home
Charging cables


A home charging point, like the Ford Wallbox, will usually include an integrated charging cable. A mode 3 charging cable is included as standard with all Ford Pro all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. If you want to charge from a standard domestic socket, you’ll need to use a home charging cable, which can be added as an option.

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