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The Transit has earned its reputation for capability and flexibility. Whichever wheelbase, roof height, or cab style you go for, you’re guaranteed vast cargo space and long load length. The load area is designed to maximise space, with room for up to four Europallets in L2 and L3 Vans and up to five in the L4 Van. Side and rear doors are designed to make it easy to load and unload your vehicle, too. And while the van’s efficiency can help your business make money, its low cost of ownership will help you save it.

Features shown on this page may only be available on selected models. Where available, these features may be optional extras at additional cost. For more info, download price list to view current ROI specifications.

The most efficient use of space

The Transit’s load area is now better and easier to work with than ever. Side-wall angles have been revised to make them more upright and the roof raised slightly to maximise useful space.

Tie-down points to keep your cargo secure

Side-wall mounted tie-down points help keep the load floor clear and are both DIN and ISO compliant.

A brighter-lit cargo area for easier loading

Loadspace lamps are fitted as standard. You can also specify the option of ultra-bright LED lighting if required.

More room for longer loads

Your van will easily fit loads you’d have to carry on a roof-rack with other vans. In fact, the Transit has an increased load length, so depending on the model you choose you can stow loads up to: 3.04m (L2), 3.49m (L3 vehicles) and 4.21m (L4 vehicles) long at the floor with a full steel bulkhead in place. (Base series figures used. Please note, loadspace length will differ between Base and Trend series)

Load lengths
Rear bumper step

Easy to step-up and into your van

A wide, high-grip step is integrated into the rear bumper making it easier to step into the cargo area and more convenient when loading by-hand.

Tough, but smooth-operating side doors

When you’ve got this much loadspace, wide side doors are vital and because they’re used a lot, the whole mechanism is built to maximise ease of use and durability. A double action release handle makes for smooth opening and closing, a ‘positive check’ latch secures the door when open and a warning beep sounds if the side door isn’t shut or locked correctly.

Side door
Rear Cargo Door

Wide-opening rear doors

Tough rear doors incorporate a 360-degree seal to help reduce noise, make closing more secure and prevent water from leaking into the load area. The doors can be opened to 90 degrees and when required further to 180 degrees. Depending on the model, optional 236 degree hinges allow the doors to be opened all the way against the sides of the Van. Reflective decals on the door inner edge provide a high-visibility alert to other road users when the doors are open at 90 degrees.