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The New Transit Minibus is built to be comfortable, versatile and, most importantly, reliable. Throughout the vehicle, materials have been selected for their durability and comfort. Whilst extended service intervals and long warranties help you get the most from your investment.

New Transit Minibus with open door

Effortless access

An extra wide side door ensures passengers and their luggage will always be able to get into the Minibus with ease. And to make access even more convenient, the door can be opened and closed with the push of a button.

Step up

To make access as easy as possible for your passengers, a power side step is equipped as standard.

close crop on legs stepping into Minibus
Ford Transit Minibus power socket

Plug into a handy power socket

An optional 150 Watt, 230V socket is located between the driver’s and front passengers’ seats: ideal for charging laptops or other equipment without the need for special adaptors.

Make light work of every turn

The turning circle of the New Transit Minibus is just 11.9 metres, making it highly manoeuvrable and easy to turn.

Ford Transit Minibus turning circles
mechanic checking a car

A long anti-perforation warranty for extra reassurance

As a measure of the vehicle’s build quality, the New Transit Minibus comes with a 12-year anti-perforation warranty as standard.

Made to keep repair costs low

Tough bodyside mouldings help protect your Minibus from accidental damage and a smart rear bumper assembly is multi-piece, so the parts are easy to replace: helping to keep repair costs to a minimum.

mechanic fitting a wheel to a car
Ford Transit Minibus close up on mud flaps

A little extra protection

Designed to complement the vehicle’s exterior styling. Rear mud flaps help to protect paintwork from small stones and road spray, reduce the build-up of mud and dirt, and keep your Transit Minibus at its best long into the future. 

Need to tow an additional load?

If your work requires a tow bar, you can specify one as a factory-fitted option. And if you find you need a tow bar after you’ve bought your vehicle, it’s easy to order one as an accessory and have it fitted professionally by your Ford Dealer. In both instances, the Trailer Sway Assist feature will be activated.

Ford Transit Minibus detail of tow bar