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You don’t have to pay a high price for wanting impressive levels of equipment, comfort and style: the Transit Minibus is made to ensure that running costs are kept to a minimum. From hardwearing, durable and often easily replaceable parts, to extended service intervals, long warranties and highly fuel-efficient engines: a Ford is designed to make the most of your valuable investment.

Features shown on this page may only be available on selected models. Where available, these features may be optional extras at additional cost. For more info, download price list to view current ROI specifications.

Service intervals

Long service intervals for less time off the road

Every part and component of the Minibus is made to maximise durability and go for longer without needing maintenance. That’s why service intervals are set at 50,000 kms or 2-years.

A long anti-perforation warranty for extra reassurance

As a measure of the vehicle’s build quality, the Transit Minibus comes with a 12-year anti-perforation warranty as standard.

Anti-perforation warranty
Made to keep repair costs low

Made to keep repair costs low

Tough bodyside mouldings help protect your Minibus from accidental damage and a smart rear bumper assembly is multi-piece, so the parts are easy to replace: helping to keep repair costs to a minimum.