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Driving Experience

Stress-free parking and easier reversing

Active Park Assist in the New Transit is able to effortlessly steer you into parking spots. Available in models with an automatic transmission, this smart technology makes parking easier than ever. After activation, you simply select a side of the road. When the system finds a suitable space, it will automatically steer you in, while all you do is operate the accelerator, gears and brake. The new rear-view camera has been mounted at the top of the New Transit to give a better view of whatever’s behind you. A screen built into the centre console reveals objects you might miss, and the system displays virtual lines to help you park in the smallest of spaces. The camera activates automatically when you select reverse gear.

Ford Transit Van LCD screen close up of parking assist
Ford Transit Van interior view with power steering graphic

Power-assisted steering that responds to every situation

Electric power-assisted steering automatically adjusts to your speed and the conditions. At low speeds, the system makes wheel turns feel lighter and easier, improving manoeuvrability. At high speeds, when you need greater control, it firms up the steering.

Sees what’s coming from either side

A tiny panoramic camera on the front of the vehicle relays a split-screen image to your Transit’s multi-function display so you can see vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians coming from either side. This front wide-view camera is invaluable if you’re edging out of a narrow parking space, or in a busy road where your view is obstructed.

Ford Transit Van rear view camera view