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Ford Mondeo Hybrid driving on country road

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)

Ford Mondeo HEV close up of 2-0 litre petrol engine

Electric’s familiar face

These days, Hybrid Vehicles (HEV) are an increasingly common sight on the road. This is especially true in cities and urban areas, where their lower emissions and improved fuel economy at typical city speeds are a major advantage. 
As with Mild Hybrid (MHEV), these vehicles have an internal combustion engine, but they also have a larger battery and more powerful motor. This provides more assistance to the engine and enables the vehicle to drive parts of short journeys at low speeds using the electric motor alone. And thanks to the conventional engine, driving range isn't an issue. This is because the vehicle is capable of using both battery and the internal combustion engine.

Practical performance

The average cost of charging an electric vehicle to travel 100km is typically lower than the average cost of petrol or diesel over the same distanceTooltip, but they can be initially more expensive to buy.
Sometimes, their environmental credentials can attract government subsidies which make them an even more attractive option.
The battery in a Hybrid Vehicle is recharged by a combination of regenerative braking and by the engine, not from plugging into a mains power source - so you never need to find charging points.
The Hybrid transmission is fully automatic and does not come with a manual gearbox.

Hybrid vehicle engine
Which vehicle is right for you logo with electric power scheme

Which Electric Vehicle Is Right For You?

There’s a lot of information about electric vehicles out there. And trying to choose a vehicle to fit your lifestyle isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve put together all of the facts you need to help choose the car that’s right for you .

Ford Hybrid and Electric Range



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