New Ford Kuga®

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Gross Retail Price

Bold new styling. Next-level connectivity. Intelligent tech. Meet the new Ford Kuga® Plug-In Hybrid SUV. Loaded with doing power.

Electric range up toNew Kuga - PHEV - Range



Fully charged inNew Kuga - PHEV - Fully charged



Towing capacityIncreased towing capacity



Intelligent Technology.

More pulling power.

2100 kg.

New Ford Kuga towing a boat front view



New Ford Kuga towing a boat rear view

New Kuga hybrids now deliver an increased towing capacity of up to 2100 KgIncreased towing capacity. On-board data and maps calculate tow-friendly routes to get you to the action.

Blue All-New Ford Kuga PHEV charging at home

More freedom

Green Zones

With Green Zone geofencing, Kuga PHEV can give you information on upcoming restrictons and automatically switch to eco mode or electric-only driving whenever you enter ultra-low emissions zonesNew Kuga - Green zone.

And there’s more.

Digital cluster. The reimagined interior includes a more streamlined design, flexible rear seats, and up to 536L boot space. Flexible space. More than enough room.

Slide rear seats back for extra legroom or forward for more luggage space.

Kuga® Models

Two Ford Mustang Mach-E GT vehicles seen from the front and the back

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New Ford Kuga on a beach front view