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How to top-up Adblue®

AdBlue® is stored in a separate tank which you will need to ensure is kept topped-up.

Remember! AdBlue® gets its own tank which is identified by a blue cap. Do not try to put AdBlue® directly into your fuel tank.

  1. Look out for the AdBlue® message and warning light

If your AdBlue® level is low, a notification will appear in your vehicle’s information cluster display, and a warning light will illuminate on your dashboard.

Be advised that your diesel engine is not permitted to operate without AdBlue. Once the engine is turned off, a re-start is prevented until your AdBlue level has been refilled.

  1. Locate the tank filler cap

The AdBlue® tank filler is located beside (or under) the diesel fuel filler cap on your Ford vehicle. The AdBlue® filler can be identified by its blue cap and will also be labelled.

  1. Fill up using the AdBlue® container

Use your AdBlue® container to fill the AdBlue® tank. Information on capacity of your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue) tank can be found in your Owner`s Manual.

How Often do I Need to top up AdBlue®?

How often you need to refill your AdBlue® tank will depend on several things, including your vehicle model and engine size, your AdBlue® usage, and driving style. However, a tank of AdBlue® can usually last between 2330 miles and 6835 miles following an AdBlue® consumption between 1% and 6% of the diesel fuel consumption*.

*Figure based on average usage on a Ford Focus 1.5L Diesel for lower mileage and higher percentage and Transit 2.0L Diesel for higher mileage and lower percentage.

To view your vehicles Adblue® Range in your Information Display under the Driver Assist section. See your Owner Manual for more information.

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