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Everyone has their preferred method for finding the best route from A to B. From our advanced built-in navigation system, to third-party navigation apps. SYNC 3 ensures you’ll always be able to use your favourite technology to get to your destination on time.

Navigation systems - person sitting in a car

SYNC 3 with Navigation

SYNC 3 with navigation is controlled using your voice or via an intuitive touchscreen with swipe-and-pinch gestures. The system is highly intuitive, easy to use and can be set with effortless ‘one-shot’ destination entry. You can even call up a list of local restaurants (or other points of interest) with simple voice commands such as, “I’m hungry”.

You can enhance your SYNC 3 navigation further by linking it to the FordPass Connect modem to receive Live Traffic updates direct to your SYNC screen.

Live Traffic

If your car has SYNC 3 and a FordPass Connect modem, Live Traffic seamlessly updates your in-car navigation system to give you the latest traffic information. Traffic flow, accidents, roadworks and more are monitored 24/7. Live Traffic uses this data to optimise recommended routes, helping you to avoid unexpected delays. The service is free for two years.

And even if your vehicle isn’t equipped with the system, you can still use Live Traffic through the FordPass app and Applink on your phone.

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Sygic GPS Navigation is also available to use on your in-car touchscreen through SYNC Applink. The smart app helps you avoid traffic, find parking spots and can even deliver up-to-date information on fuel prices from local petrol stations.


Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app, and it’s available to use on your SYNC 3 touchscreen through SYNC Applink. The app guides you to your destination and shares useful information from other users, who can report on live road conditions or delays.

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