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Replace shock absorbersMotorcraft repairs

Ford Motorcraft Shock absorber replacements for a safe and comfortable ride.

Shock absorbers and springs are key to providing a comfortable ride. They’re also vital safety components. So they need to be well maintained and regularly inspected by a Ford expert. 

Are the shock absorbers and springs on your Ford in the best condition? Book an appointment to get them professionally checked or replaced by a Ford Dealer. Prices shown are Recommended Retail Prices, including parts, labour and VAT.

Ford Motorcraft Shock Absorbers
Repairs Ka, Fiesta, Fusion (RRP) Focus, C-MAX (RRP) Mondeo, Kuga, S-MAX, Galaxy (RRP) Courier, Connect (RRP) Transit (RRP)
Replace shock absorbers front €350* €360* €435* €260* €600*

What to look out for:

Your car’s shock absorbers may need to be repaired or replaced if you notice:

  • Longer stopping distances
  • Reduced efficiency from the ABS and ESP systems
  • Reduced grip, and a tendency to drift on bends
  • Reduced grip in side winds and on wet roads
  • Bouncing and suspension noise, in a straight line or when steering
  • Excessive play in the steering
  • Unusual oscillations when braking or accelerating
  • Unexpected tyre wear (uneven or rapid)

*Published prices are National Recommended Retail Prices. Therefore, prices may vary by Dealer. Please consult your Service Advisor on exact pricing. Valid for all vehicles 5 years or older, at all participating Ford dealers. Prices Valid until 31/12/2018.



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