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Replace clutchMotorcraft repairs

Ford Motorcraft Clutch repairs for effortless gear changes.

The clutch in your Ford is a sophisticated piece of engineering, designed to help make gear changes swift, smooth and efficient. 

As the life of the clutch is dependent on your driving style, it’s important to look out for signs of wear and tear. 
Your Ford Dealer will also be happy to check for you. 

They will also be able to supply Ford Motorcraft remanufactured Clutch Kits. Specifically designed and tested to full Ford durability and functional test specifications, these kits are tailored to your vehicle’s age and are the fair value alternative to original Ford spare parts. 

Prices shown are Recommended Retail Prices, including parts, labour and VAT.

Repairs Ka, Fiesta, Fusion (RRP) Focus, C-MAX (RRP) Mondeo, Kuga, S-MAX, Galaxy (RRP) Courier, Connect (RRP) Transit (RRP)
Replace clutch €650* €720* €720* €730* €650*

What to look out for

Your car’s clutch may need to be repaired or replaced if you notice:

  • The clutch does not release and the gearbox meets with resistance during gear selection
  • The clutch pedal is harder and its path is longer
  • The clutch slips: when setting off or at maximum torque, the engine rpm jumps but the speed does not increase proportionally
  • The clutch jerks and the car ‘jumps’
  • Noisy running, both at low rpm and at maximum rpm

*Published prices are National Recommended Retail Prices. Therefore, prices may vary by Dealer. Please consult your Service Advisor on exact pricing. Valid for all vehicles 5 years or older, at all participating Ford dealers. Prices Valid until 31/12/2018.



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