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FORD 100
Celebrating 100 years in Ireland

2017 marks one hundred years of Ford in Ireland. We couldn’t let this milestone pass without celebrating Ireland’s enduring love of Ford.
Actor Aidan Quinn reflects on 100 years of Ford in Ireland and what the future holds.

Ford 100 anniversary
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Digital Film

To celebrate our centenary, we have commissioned a digital film, featuring Irish-American actor Aidan Quinn. With joint US and Irish nationality, Aidan perfectly encapsulates the relationship between Ireland and the USA and Henry Ford’s roots – from Ballinascarthy, Co. Cork to Greenfield Township, Michigan.

Vehicle technology is advancing at an incredible rate and Ford are at the forefront in the field of research and development. The future is unwritten and unknown. With its heritage of 100 years in Ireland, however, Ford is a brand that people can trust. So we are inviting drivers to embark on that journey into the future with Ford.

Behind the Scenes

Aidan Quinn took a break from filming “Elementary” to travel back to Ireland to shoot our film celebrating 100 years of Ford in Ireland. Click here to see behind the scenes footage and pictures.

Click here to see behind the scenes footage and pictures.

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Henry Ford was particularly proud of the fact that both his father and maternal foster grandfather were Cork men. So when he opened the first Ford factory outside the US on April 17th 1917, he opened it in the Marina, Cork.

To this day, the company’s links to Ireland remain strong. Henry Ford & Son Ltd. operates in the Republic of Ireland as a sales organisation with over 1,000 people employed both directly and indirectly.

Click here to find out more about Ford’s History in Ireland.

View our timeline of Ford’s History in Ireland, click here.

The Future is Ford

We are on the cusp of a mobility revolution and Ford is at the forefront of that with its extensive research and development division. We lead the way when it comes to sustainability as well as innovation in design and performance. 

At Ford, we recognise that technology is nothing without empathy. The strides we make all need to have a benefit to the end user. 

If the future is as unpredictable, varied and eclectic as the previous 100 years it should be a most entertaining and provocative journey.

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