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The redesigned interior of the Transit Connect has more cargo space than ever. You can carry items up to 3.4 metres long and two Euro-pallets. Optional side load doors on both sides of the van make loading and unloading the van more convenient. And with smart storage locations throughout the cabin, you’ll never be short of space.

Transit Connect Load Space

Useful load-through storage

Carry items up to 3.0 metres in length in the L1 van, thanks to the clever load-through bulkhead. L2 models are capable of holding 3.4-metre long items. (Load-through bulkhead is standard on Trend and Limited vans)

Tough, but smooth-operating side doors

When you’ve got this much load space, wide side doors are vital and because they’re used a lot, the whole mechanism is built to maximise ease of use and durability. The latest design enhances access through the side load door(s) and is compatible with many commercially-available van racking systems.

Transit Connect with person loading through side door
Transit Connect showing interior wth tie down points

More practical side mounted cargo restraints

Tie-down points are usually mounted on the floor. But they can be hard to get at when you’re trying to secure your cargo. So, Transit Connect has tie-down points positioned just above the floor on the side wall of the load space. This leaves the floor clear of obstructions, making access more convenient, eliminating dirt traps and allowing for convenient cleaning.


A long anti-perforation warranty for extra reassurance

As a measure of the vehicle’s build quality, the Transit Connect comes with a 12-year anti-perforation warranty as standard.

Transit Connect showing servicemen inspecting car