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Quality you can depend on

When it comes to the New Ford Ranger, the numbers speak for themselves. The pickup has a carrying capacity of 1 tonne and can tow up to 3,500kg. It has a ground clearance of 237mm and effortlessly wades through water up to 800mm deep. In fact, every aspect of the award-winning vehicle has been precision engineered for versatility, reliability and capability.

Impressive towing capability

With a gross payload of over 1 tonne,Tooltip and 3,500kg towing capability,Tooltip you can take on the biggest tasks and challenges and carry and tow the biggest, bulkiest loads too.

Wades right in

The Ranger goes where lesser vehicles may fear to tread. In fact, with a wading depth of 800mmTooltip it will prove itself both on dry land and through water.

Ford Ranger in water towing boat