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The All-New Ford Ranger Raptor has been precision engineered to take on the world’s most challenging terrains with ease. A unique high-strength, low-alloy steel chassis has been forged to meet the demands of the most extreme off-road environments. A ground clearance of 281 mm is combined with the ability to wade through 850 mm of water, too. In fact, every feature is designed to make sure the Raptor delivers an off-road driving experience like no other.

Ford Ranger Raptor with ladder frame chassis close up

An off-road warrior

The unique Ranger Raptor ladder frame chassis was reengineered and strengthened with High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel to meet the tough demands of off-road performance driving. Tested extensively in some of the world’s harshest environments, the Ranger Raptor chassis delivers maximum toughness and high-spec performance.

Stands tall

Off-road obstacles are no obstacle for the Raptor. An elevated design puts 281 mm between the pick-up and whatever gets in your way. 

Ford Ranger Raptor parked in the middle of mountains
Ford Ranger Raptor towing a boat

Impressive towing capability

The Raptor doesn’t simply enable you to take on the toughest off-road challenges with ease. You can carry and tow the biggest, bulkiest loads too.

Wades right in

The Raptor goes where lesser vehicles may fear to tread. In fact, with a wading depth of 850 mm it will prove itself both on dry land and through water.

Ford Ranger Raptor wading through deep water
Ford Ranger Ranger close up on sports bar

Commands attention

The Sports bar on the All-New Ford Ranger Raptor creates an athletic profile that demands a second look. And with an incorporated high-level lamp, they also enable you to access the load box through the night.

Sturdy tie-downs for a safer load

These DIN compliant tie-down points help ensure whatever you’re carrying in the back of your Raptor will be both safe and secure.

Ford Ranger Raptor with open top showing tie down points
Ford Ranger Raptor showing lockable pickup box

Versatile, lockable pickup box for peace of mind

The All-New Ford Ranger Raptor’s pickup box can carry a standard Euro pallet, the tools of your trade, or all you need for a weekend camping trip. It also offers a number of features to help keep your load safe, all of which are DIN compliant: sturdy tie-down hooks, an integrated load rest and, on some models, exterior rope rails. For added security and peace of mind, the tailgate can be locked and unlocked manually.

Electrical power where you need it

Clever additional touches also provide useful support to your business, such as an optional 240-volt power socket in the cab, invaluable when you need to charge your phone, tablet or rechargeable work tool on the road.

Ford Ranger Raptor interior with 240V power socket close up