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New Transit Van parked on concrete

Exceptional Load space and access

The New Transit provides impressive load space in all three dimensions: load length, width (from wheel arch to wheel arch) and usable interior height. With 15.1 cubic metres of load space, you can fit cargo over 3 metres long. And with a carrying capacity of up to 2.1 tonnes, you’ll never be short of space or ability to transport almost anything. Wide side load doors, optimised opening height and a rear access step all ensure effortless access to your cargo too.

Improved visibility

Mounted on the rear of the roof is a powerful, new LED Downlighter. This enables you to continue working long after the sun has gone down. And the smart system will automatically turn the light off if the battery gets low, making sure you can get home at the end of a long day.

New Transit Van interior close up showing downlighter
Ford Transit Van side view

A hands-free side load door for effortless opening and closing

This ingenious system helps to make loading the New Transit more efficient. Simply pull the door handle or press a button on the key fob, and it will automatically open or close. You can also operate the side load door by pressing a button on the dashboard.

Need to tow an additional load?

If your work requires a tow bar, you can specify one as a factory-fitted option. And if you find you need a tow bar after you’ve bought your vehicle, it’s easy to order one as an accessory and have it fitted professionally by your Ford Dealer. In both instances, the Trailer Sway Assist feature will be activated.

New Transit Van interior LED lights close up

A brighter-lit cargo area for easier loading

Load space lamps are fitted as standard. You can also specify the option of ultra-bright LED lighting if required.

Lock open your doors at 270 degrees

To make loading and unloading easier than ever, the rear doors can be locked open at 270 degrees. High visibility decals on the doors’ inner edges reflect light, warning other road users of the vehicles presence. And even closing the doors is now easier because improved air extraction vents relieve air pressure build-up in the cargo area.

New Transit Van interior view with rear doors open
New Transit Van interior tie down points close up

Tie-down points to keep your cargo secure

Side-wall mounted tie-down points help keep the load floor clear and are both DIN and ISO compliant.