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Safety and Security

The New Transit Custom sets the standard for a commercial vehicle in safeguarding its occupants and its cargo. A range of sophisticated driver assistance technologies can help with potentially hazardous situations including Pre-Collision Assist, with pedestrian detection and auto-braking. There’s also a super-strong body shell, Roll Stability Control and a choice of two state-of-the-art alarms.

New Blue Ford Transit Custom with tow

Helps keep your trailer in line

Trailer Sway Control detects ‘snaking’ or trailer sway and reduces your vehicle’s speed to help you regain control, making towing easier. The system slows the vehicle down by reducing the engine’s torque and gradually increasing the brake pressure on all wheels.

Continuous protection against rolling over

Ford’s unique roll-rate sensor helps the Roll Stability Control system to keep the tyres grounded, specifically under conditions where there’s a high centre of gravity and when driving through off-camber turns.

New Blue Ford Transit Custom with Roll Stability

A system that can help protect pedestrians

Pre-Collision Assist detects slower vehicles in the road ahead, or pedestrians and vehicles that could cross your path, and warns you of their presence. If you don’t respond, the system automatically applies the brakes. This technology is designed to help reduce the severity of accidents, or help avoid them altogether, and functions effectively at speeds of up to 50 mph / 80 km/h (assuming normal road and vehicle conditions).

5-star safety

As proof of its ability to protect you and your passengers, New Transit Custom has a 5-star rating by Euro NCAP.

New Ford Transit Custom Euro NCAP

Control features that adapt to your load

Load Adaptive Control adjusts the Electronic Stability Control according to the overall weight you’re carrying. This ensures control and stability whether your Transit Custom is empty or fully loaded.

Enhanced airbag system

The New Transit Custom is available with curtain, driver, passenger and side airbags and an improved activation system.

New Blue Ford Transit Custom airbags