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Performance and Efficiency

The New Tourneo Custom incorporates a range of no compromise systems designed to maximise both performance and efficiency. These include the new Ford EcoBlue 2.0litre engine, an automatic transmission that delivers more efficient gear changes for you and Auto Start-Stop.

The Ford EcoBlue 2.0-litre engine

Long service intervals for less time off the road

The advanced Ford EcoBlue 2.0-litre engines are durable and reliable, with service intervals of up to 36,000 miles/60,000 kmLong Service Intervals, or up to two years, whichever occurs first. Along with this, components subject to normal wear and tear have also been designed to last longer without maintenance.

Performance that meets targets

The Ford EcoBlue 2.0-litre engine is an advanced diesel engine that achieves the ultra-low, Euro 6 emissions targets. The targets were achieved through the introduction of advanced catalytic systems technology. And we’ve achieved all of this without compromising the performance or driving experience. 

Ford EcoBlue 2.0-litre engine
Close-up of Ford Tourneo AdBlue tank

An additive that removes pollution

A selective catalytic reduction system uses AdBlue®, a urea/water-based fluid to convert NOx emissions in the exhaust gas into nitrogen and water. A particulate filter then reduces more than 99% of emitted solid particulates from the vehicle’s exhaust. To operate correctly, the AdBlue® tank of your Ford EcoBlue diesel engine must be filled with AdBlue® fluid. System warnings illuminate when fluid level becomes too low.

Use less fuel with Auto Start-Stop

When you stop at traffic lights or your vehicle is idling in a queue, this technology can automatically switch off the engine (while still supplying power to essentials like the headlights, air-conditioning, radio and the Ford SYNC system). When you're ready to move, just depress the clutch and select first gear as usual, or press the accelerator on an automatic, and the system restarts. Auto Start-Stop is particularly effective in town and city streets, where it can cut fuel consumption by up to 10% (urban cycle).

New Ford Tourneo Auto Start-Stop indicator close up
Close-up of New Ford Tourneo shift gear

SelectShift automatic transmission

Both the 130 PS and 170 PS engines are available with the six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission. This is the standard powertrain of choice on a wide range of body styles and GVMs, and it’s designed to provide a smooth, relaxing driving experience, especially in busy stop-start traffic. The transmission allows you to change gear manually if you prefer, using the gear shifter buttons on the facia-mounted gear lever. It also provides the ability to lock out gears in more challenging driving conditions. For example, on slippery surfaces or steep gradients.