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Safety and Security

Ford Fiesta offers a range of advanced technologies designed to protect you, your passengers, and your vehicle, in the event of an accident. Key features include Pre-Collision Assist, Hazard and Emergency Brake Warning and Trailer Sway Control. There are many other systems, too, some of which exist to help prevent accidents in the first place.

Features shown on this page may only be available on selected models. Where available, these features may be optional extras at additional cost. For more info, download price list to view current ROI specifications.

Images used may not show ROI specification

A system that can help protect pedestrians

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection detects vehicles and pedestrians up to 130 metres ahead, or who could cross the vehicle’s path, and warns you of their presence. If you don’t respond, the system automatically applies the brakes. This new technology is designed to help reduce the severity of accidents, or help avoid them altogether. And not only does it function at speeds of up to 80kph, it also works at night.

Airbags to shield you from all angles

In addition to the driver and passenger front airbags, side airbags provide thorax protection and are designed to direct the occupant away from the impact area. They’re also able to raise the arm of the occupant providing better space between them and the intruding structure. Curtain airbags provide maximum coverage and headrests offer protection from whiplash. With front and rear seatbelt pre-tensioners and load limiters, plus seatbelt minders, Fiesta helps puts your safety first.

Ford Fiesta x-ray view with focus on the airbags
White Ford Fiesta side view

Protecting and securing your Fiesta

A Thatcham Category 1 alarm is a sophisticated system that automatically arms itself when you double-lock your Fiesta. It will sound a powerful alarm if triggered by forced entry, the car being lifted, or if the motion sensors pick up any movement inside. Plus, the technology is designed to help prevent unwanted towing of your Fiesta. With the FordPass App, you can receive a notification if your car’s alarm is activated, no matter where you are, plus Guard Mode will be available soon too. Guard Mode alerts you on your smartphone of any unauthorised access attempts – even with a stolen or duplicate key.

Advanced systems for more controlled braking

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake-force distribution ensure that your braking is more controlled. Emergency Brake Assist also helps your car brake more effectively in an emergency situation. It does this by sensing how much pressure you’ve applied to the brake yourself and automatically increasing it, if necessary.

Blue Ford Fiesta front view
Blue Ford Fiesta towing a water scooter

Keeping your trailer safely in line

Trailer Sway Control detects ‘snaking’ or trailer sway and reduces your vehicle’s speed to help solve the problem, making towing more controlled. The system slows the vehicle down by reducing the engine’s torque and gradually increasing the brake pressure on all wheels.

A warning behind when you brake sharply

If you have to brake hard for an emergency, the hazard warning lights come on automatically to alert other drivers. The brake lights flash too, providing following vehicles with some advance warning of a potentially dangerous situation.

White Ford Fiesta taillights
Red Fiesta Electronic Stability Control

Stay in control whatever the conditions

Electronic Stability Control constantly monitors your Fiesta’s progress. It senses when a vehicle is losing grip and automatically applies a braking pulse to individual wheels, stabilising it. Using advanced sensors from the anti-lock braking and traction control systems it monitors the behaviour of the vehicle.

Extra power for emergency braking

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) helps your vehicle achieve maximum braking effectiveness in an emergency situation. It’s controlled automatically via the ESC system, which senses how much pressure you’ve applied to the brake yourself and automatically increases it, if necessary.

Fiesta using EBA in driving
Ford Fiesta wheel close up

An early warning if a tyre is going flat

If the standard Tyre Pressure Monitoring System detects any of your tyres starting to lose pressure during your journey, the system warns you by lighting up an icon on the instrument panel. You can also get alerts delivered straight to your phone via the FordPass app, monitoring tyre pressure, washer fluid and lots more.