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A range of transmissions engineered for you
When choosing a Ford vehicle, you have your pick of several different transmissions – so whatever your preference, manual or automatic, there’ll be one to suit the way you like to drive.
Ford PowerShift transmission
Combining precision and ease, Ford PowerShift is a sophisticated six-speed automated manual transmission. It offers the smooth, effortless operation of an automatic transmission whilst giving you the precise control of a conventional manual transmission.
How it works
The Ford Powershift automatic transmission uses two 3-speed gearboxes connected via a pair of clutches. When drive is selected, transmission #1 engages 1st gear and transmission #2 selects 2nd. Clutch #1 engages and the car pulls away in first. When it’s time to change gear, it uses clutch #2 to swap transmission, with #1 immediately pre-selecting 3rd etc.
Durashift transmissions
We’ve developed a number of innovative Durashift transmissions which you’ll find available across the Ford range.
5-speed manual
Durashift five-speed manual transmissions are the perfect complement to our range of engines and deliver smooth, precise gearshifting.
6-speed manual
Durashift six-speed manual transmissions are specifically designed for higher output engines. The ratio of the sixth gear reduces stress on the engine at higher speeds, improving real world fuel economy.