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Ford Warranties
Ford Warranties
Whether you have a new or used Ford, we want to make owning it as pleasurable and worry-free as possible. That is why our extensive range of warranties offer services and support to suit your individual needs. So you can enjoy the road ahead and let us take care of the rest.
Basic Warranty
Our Ford manufacturers warranty ensures worry-free motoring for up to 2 years. All repairs are carried out in line with the highest quality standards. What’s more, if you sell your Ford, the warranty is transferable a real added benefit for the new owner.
Parts Warranty
Ford Dealers/ Authorised Repairers only use original Ford replacement parts for warranty repairs. These parts meet our stringent quality and safety standards, which means the performance and value of your Ford won’t be affected.
Paint Warranty
Your paint surface warranty begins and ends at the same time as your Ford basic warranty. Simply check your vehicle's service portfolio (formerly Warranty & Service Guide) for the warranty periods for your vehicle.

Ford isn’t responsible for any repairs directly resulting from:
  • Damage caused by neglect, flooding, accident, rallying, racing or any other improper use.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Failure to properly maintain the vehicle in accordance with Ford maintenance schedules and service instructions.
  • Failure to properly maintain paint and bodywork by regular cleaning in accordance with Ford instructions.
  • Unauthorised modifications of the vehicle or its components.
  • Failure to rectify any paint or corrosion damage identified during the Body and Paint Check in a timely manner.
  • Factors beyond our control, such as damage caused by airborne contaminants, storms, stone chips, scratches or the use of unsuitable cleaning agents.
  • Repairs using methods that haven’t been approved by Ford.
  • Failure to use Ford Original Parts, or parts and fluids that match the quality of Ford Original Parts and fluids.
  • Please see the service portfolio for further information.
Perforation Warranty
Your Ford bodywork is covered against perforation from the inside for up to 12 years (depending on the model). To maintain this warranty, just take your Ford for regular body and paint checks (which can be combined with your service visits) as described in your service portfolio.
Roadside Assistance
In case of a break down or if your vehicle doesn’t start, Ford Assistance is there to help you in nearly all European countries. All it takes is one phone call and help will arrive – whether you need free on-the-spot repairs, towing, a replacement vehicle, overnight accommodation, help to get home or any of our other services. Simply check your vehicle's service portfolio (formally Warranty & Service Guide) for the Ford Assistance periods for your vehicle.
Breakdown support at any time
Breakdown support at any time
Ford Assistance offers the following benefits in virtually every country in Europe:

Roadside assistance
If the repair cannot be carried out the same day, you have a choice of:
  • Use of a hire car for a maximum of 2 working days
  • First class rail travel for the onward journey
  • Air fare up to a maximum of 600 Euros if the journey by rail is more than six hours (also covers collection of the vehicle)
  • Maximum of 3 nights in a hotel whilst the repair is carried out, not exceeding 100 Euros (excl. VAT, incl. breakfast) per person per night (only applies if you break down more than 80 km from your home).

These benefits cover up to 9 people (occupant capacity of a Ford Transit). A breakdown is deemed to have taken place when your journey cannot be continued immediately owing to a fault which is covered by the Ford Assistance warranty.
Ford Assistance is available for:
  • All new Ford vehicles, from the date of first registration until the next scheduled service is due. (Please refer to your owner’s handbook for your Ford vehicle’s service intervals)
If you break down in Ireland you should call: 1800 445566

Exclusions under Ford Assistance
Ford Assistance only applies in the event of a breakdown. Hire cars, driving school vehicles and taxis are only covered for roadside assistance and towing.
European Roadside Assistance with every routine service
European Roadside Assistance with every routine service
 Ford Protect - Covered at all times
Ford Protect - Covered at all times
A new Ford is automatically protected by the 2-year new vehicle warranty, at no extra charge. But for extra peace of mind an extended warranty for up to 5 years is available when you buy your vehicle.

Ford extended warranties give you Ford Protect to match the protection to your needs, depending on:
  • the way you use your Ford
  • the distances you drive
  • the importance to you (or your business) of having your Ford on the road at all times and, of course, your budget.
Find out more:
Ford Protect
Ford Protect
Ford Protect extends the initial 2-year new vehicle warranty and roadside assistance with additional features and benefits. Read more...
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Ford Service Promises
We know your Ford best.
Only a Ford Dealer/ Authorised Repairer has Ford trained technicians,
Ford-specific tools and the latest computerised diagnostic equipment, tailor-made for your Ford.
We know your Ford.
Which is why we offer  the right maintenance services and accessories together
with first-class repairs and an affordable insurance and mobility package – all from a single source.
We’re keen to fulfil all our
customers’ wishes – no
matter how individual. And
this does not just extend
to our service. Our range
of accessories allows you
to customise your Ford
just the way you want.
Our extensive network of
Ford Dealers/Authorised
Repairers means that
we’re there for you and
your Ford. Always and
Whenever you need
support, we‘re just around
the corner.
Your Ford starts its life
fully equipped with Ford
Original Parts, each one
designed and engineered
to fit and perform perfectly
and safely with the other.
Let‘s keep it that way to
maintain the safety and
performance of your
As your vehicle gets older
it may need more care.
With replacement parts,
services and repairs at
very affordable prices,
we can help you keep
these costs under control
– no matter how old your
Ford is. You can choose
the best solution for your
needs and those of your