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New Ford Focus RS
Castrol EDGE Professional Longtec 0W-40

Castrol SLX Professional LONGTEC 0W-40
How this oil benefits you...
Castrol EDGE Professional Longtec 0W-40, specifically tested by the Focus RS engine developers, meets the requirements of this uniquely tuned engine. This gives Ford Focus RS drivers the optimum level of protection and performance.
Castrol EDGE Professional Longtec 0W-40 is the sole recommendation for all new Ford Focus RS cars.
Ford CIK bag and contents
Have the right oil to hand when you need it
      • 1 in 3 cars on the road needs an oil top-up.
      • 50% of drivers use the wrong oil.
      • Keeping oil topped-up with the correct product maximises the oil benefits between services.
For a convenient solution ask your Ford Dealer for a Castrol top-up kit.