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Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo, from €23,950

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New Lower Prices

Now nothing can come between you and the Mondeo you want!

Mondeo Graphite 1.6TDCi 115PS starts at €23,950; Mondeo Zetec 1.6TDCi 115PS starts at €27,020 with Satellite Navigation as standard; Mondeo Titanium Plus 1.6TDCi 115PS starts at €30,070 with Full Leather Trim.

5 Year Warranty

Mondeo is now an even smarter choice than ever before with 5 Year manufacturer's warranty** as standard ensuring both you and your Mondeo are looked after.

T’s & C’s apply (2 years base warranty 3 years extended warranty)
** At participating Ford Dealers only
^ To take advantage of these offers, register your vehicle before January 31st 2015

The dynamic stance of the Mondeo immediately catches the eye. But this is just the first of many enhancements you’ll discover in this exceptional new vehicle. Step inside and you'll appreciate a new level of comfort, meticulous detailing and an array of ingenious driving technologies.

Because this is an overview of the Ford Mondeo, some features mentioned may be standard across the range whilst others may be optional extras or available only on selected models. You can also use our configurator tool to build your perfect Ford Mondeo or for specific details contact your Ford Dealer.

Ford kinetic Design
The dynamic and elegant styling captures our 'energy in motion' philosophy.
Innovative Engine Technology
A range of clean, efficient turbo diesel engines with 115PS, 140PS power outputs. Our 'ECO' 115PS engine falls into VRT Band A4 and now the manual 140PS does too!
PowerShift transmission
The Mondeo features the advanced PowerShift six-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission – making driving easier, more fuel efficient and just more fun.
Intelligent Protection System (IPS)
Advanced IPS uses a range of sophisticated technologies to keep you protected, including an ultra-high strength steel safety cage.
Driving dynamics
Advanced suspension technologies provide superior driving dynamics and steering response.
Safety features
Technology designed to make driving easier and safer, whatever the conditions.
Smart technology
Innovative technology gives you the kind of control, added safety measures and sheer convenience that are usually reserved for vehicles that are far less affordable.
Lane Departure Warning
This tactile and visual alert triggers when the vehicle crosses lane markings without the indicator being activated. Three short vibrations are sent through the steering wheel, while a warning light is displayed in the instrument cluster (Optional Pack on Titanium Plus).
Auto High Beam
Switches the headlights from high beam to low beam as soon as the system detects oncoming traffic or a pre-defined lighting level. Conversely, it detects the road is clear before automatically switching back to high beam (Optional Pack on Titanium Plus).
Driver Alert
Continuously analyses the driver's level of vigilance by assessing direction of travel and vehicle behaviour. When the system calculates the driver's attention falls below a certain level, it will post a 'take a break' message in the instrument cluster. If it detects a more sudden loss of attention, such as drifting across a lane, a warning chimes and additional visual alerts warn the driver (Optional Pack on Titanium Plus).
Eco Mode
Continually assesses the effect of your driving behaviour on fuel consumption - including speed, gear shifting and anticipation levels, plus your ratio of short trips. Smart software then provides useful advice on achieving better fuel economy according to your driving style (standard on all models).
Quality craftsmanship
Meticulous craftsmanship and high quality materials create comfort with a premium finish throughout the cabin, such as Windsor leather seats in a choice of two colours with fine levels of detailing.
LED Lighting Technology
Used to great effect inside and out, this is lighting technology at its most eye catching (standard on Titanium Plus).
Ford Premium Sound System
Enjoy the ultimate in sound, featuring an 8-channel amplifier and superior quality speakers (optional).
Blind Spot Information System
This high-tech visual aid is designed to make longer journeys a far more relaxing experience. As another vehicle enters your blind spot, the system alerts you with discreet warning lamps built into the door mirrors (option on Zetec and Titanium Plus).
CD-SD Navigation System with touch-screen
The crown jewel in the centre console, this system is the ultimate in navigation, connectivity and touch-screen convenience and clarity. Being an integrated system, it responds to real-time road speed and the latest traffic conditions to deliver more accurate estimated arrival times and trip information (standard on Zetec and Titanium Plus).
PowerShift transmission
Ford PowerShift delivers a premium experience for driving enthusiasts. Featuring a new state-of-the-art six-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission, it cleverly selects the next appropriate gear at exactly the right moment, delivering lightning-fast gear changes with no disruption to the flow of power.

You’ll also enjoy improved fuel economy compared to a conventional automatic, our TDCi 140PS PowerShift automatic is in the VRT Band C (annual road tax €302). As well as maximum efficiency and fuel consumption, Ford PowerShift has a sport mode that allows you to switch gears at the flick of the gearshift but without the need to engage a clutch pedal.
Ford Duratorq diesel technology
Ford Duratorq Diesel engines provide exceptional fuel economy and low CO2 emissions without compromising performance. For example, our new 1.6 ECO 115 PS diesel engine now emits only 114g/km and puts itself into VRT Band A. Our 140PS diesel engine, mated to a 6 speed manual transmission emit just 119g/km putting them firmly into VRT Band A4. While our 2.0 140PS Powershift models emit just 149g/km, placing them in VRT Band C.
Ford Premium Sound System
Featuring speakers and a 265-watt amplifier, you'll enjoy optimum sound reproduction, which is rich and detailed even at low volume. Connectivity options are fully covered with inputs for USB, MP3 players and your iPod®. (Option only available with Sony Audio Systems and CD-SD Navigation System PLUS)
Interior design
The carefully considered new centre console features graceful curves and higher specification materials that integrate beautifully with a clean, high quality finish. Carefully selected trim across the range gives a more luxurious feel, while new LED cabin lighting creates a contemporary ambience with a more premium feel. All complemented by state-of-the-art audio and navigation systems (standard on Zetec and Titanium Plus).
LED rear lights
Lighting technology at its most eye catching. The bright and long-lasting LED lights improve visibility and add an attractive appearance at night.
Self-retracting tonneau cover
An easy-to-use cover for your luggage to keep your loadspace out of sight and out of the sun on hot days (standard on Estate).
Power Child Locks
This innovative feature improves safety for the whole family. At the click of a button, you can safely secure your precious backseat passengers by preventing them from opening doors from the inside (optional as part of 'child pack').
Adjustable Speed Limiter
This new system integrates with cruise control, to keep you within the speed limit. A switch on the steering wheel lets you adjust your top speed limit (between 30 and 180 km/h). The engine management system will not allow the car to exceed the speed limit set by the driver (standard on all 1.6TDCi engines and all Titanium Plus).
Ford Easy Fuel
People often mistakenly add diesel to their petrol tank or vice versa, which usually results in costly repairs. Ford Easy Fuel is a capless refuelling system with a clever mis-fuelling inhibitor that can tell the difference between the fuel pump nozzles used for petrol and diesel. So you’ll never put the wrong fuel in. (Standard).
Overhead console
The new central overhead console, with integrated switches and ambient lighting, accentuates the contemporary, purposeful cabin. Plus, it's the ideal place to stow your sunglasses (standard).
Lane Departure Warning
Using an ingenious forward-facing camera this tactile and visual alert signals when the driver changes lanes without indicating. Three short vibrations are sent through the steering wheel, while a warning light is displayed in the instrument cluster (optional on Titanium Plus as part of the driver assisstance pack).
19” alloy wheels with performance suspension
The 19" alloy wheels are a highly desirable, visually stunning option on your Mondeo. Coupled with performance suspension for a stiffer feel and more responsive handling, they'll set your pulse racing (optional on Titanium Plus).

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Ford Mondeo icon Mondeo icon New Mondeo 5-door version. icon Interior view of the new Mondeo icon  Front seats & centre console (Individual) icon Mondeo Estate load area icon Interior chrome-finish of the Mondeo. icon Optional chrome foot pedals of the Mondeo. icon Side view of front seats (Individual) icon Side view of rear seats (Individual) icon