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About our supply chain
The automotive industry has one of the most highly complex supply chains of all.

In fact, there are often six to 10 levels of suppliers between an automaker and the source of raw materials that eventually enter the manufacturing process.

We (and other car companies) rely on thousands of these suppliers to provide the materials, parts and services necessary to make our final products. The breadth, depth and interconnectedness of the supply chain can make it challenging to manage business and sustainability issues.

At Ford, we’ve met and continue to meet these challenges with a series of smart and effective solutions.

•We were the first automaker to recognize that protecting human rights in our operations and our supply chain is an important sustainability issue.

• Our human rights strategy includes adherence to our Code of Human Rights, Basic Working Conditions and Corporate Responsibility (Policy Letter 24), as well as assessments of alignment with the Code in our operations and by our suppliers. This also includes training and building the capabilities of our suppliers to manage sustainability issues in their operations.

• We encourage our suppliers to manage sustainability issues and risks within their own operations and supply chains, providing them with tools to build the capability to do this. For example:

• We’ve developed in-depth resource guides and sponsored presentations by subject matter experts on issues such as human rights, working conditions and greenhouse gas emissions.

• We’ve provided worksheets on emissions tracking and reporting and on code of conduct development.

• We’re sharing training materials that we have developed, whilst also providing information and guidance on our compliance and training processes.

In a fast-moving industry where transportation, technology and manufacturing is constantly changing and developing, we’re committed to working with suppliers to help resolve any issues and concerns that may arise along the way.