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Mobility: thinking ahead
It’s important we meet your needs as a valued Ford owner and customer. It’s also essential we continue to address global sustainability and the future issues that could affect us all.

As a result, we’re applying our core competencies, including innovation and partnership-building, to develop solutions for future mobility that reflect the realities of a changing world.

What do we mean by mobility?

At Ford, we define mobility as: accessibility for people, goods and services to go where they need or want safely, efficiently and affordably, providing a simplified and fun customer experience.’

Our objective is to make mobility affordable in every sense of the word: economically, environmentally and socially.

When we announced our Blueprint for Mobility in 2012, it highlighted our thinking around transportation and what that might look like in 2025 and beyond.

The Blueprint also identified the types of technologies, business models, products and partnerships needed to get us to that point in the future. We set short, medium and long-term goals: the aim being to solve the challenges that face mobility systems now and in the future, particularly as the world becomes more populated and urbanized.

Applying smarter thinking

In 2015 we announced Ford Smart Mobility. This new initiative is driven by innovation and is designed to take Ford to the next level in terms of delivering connectivity, mobility and autonomous vehicles, using ‘big data’ to best effect and enhancing the customer experience.

By running mobility experiments around the globe, we were able to test new mobility concepts, evaluate their impact on the environment and assess their value.

As hosts of a global Innovate Mobility Challenge series, we’re also taking an open-innovation approach to discovering mobility solutions around the world.